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Aerol B.

Aerol B. is a professional writer with a strong grasp of the online gambling world. Finding his way through Bitcoin, he sees value in the thriving sector of Bitcoin gambling and fancies the excitement in the duo of online sports betting and Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Faucets Turn On Tap for Online Gambling - Bitcoin faucets should be a familiar sight to many Bitcoin users from its early days. For most people, this was their encounter with the cryptocurrency. The idea behind Bitcoin faucets was that to encourage people to use Bitcoin. The very first faucet was started up by one of Bitcoin’s earliest proponents, Gavin Andresen. His faucet […]
  • High Bitcoin Price Good News For Online Bettors - Bitcoin managed to reach two milestones recently. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency managed to hit a surprising $788.49 on some indexes, while others have it at an even higher price at $796.05. This is a 2016 high and also the highest it has been since February 2014. Back then, Bitcoin was on its downward slump from its […]
  • What Do High Rollers Get From Bitcoin Casinos? - The term “high roller” should be familiar to many of those who gamble a lot. It is usually reserved for those who regularly play with high stakes. When people think of high rollers, they often think of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, with gamblers in fancy suits and piles of cash. However, being a high […]
  • How Bitcoin Gambling Makes Holiday Season More Fun - It is the middle of December and the world is in the grip of the holiday season. Gamblers are no exception from the holiday fever. The festive season is the time to have fun and there is nothing like betting and wagering to get people excited. For those who like to bet and wager, there […]
  • Slotegrator Shows Why Game Integration Is Better - Slotegrator broke into the Bitcoin gambling world with a bang when it launched The company has been around in the online gambling industry since 2012, but this year’s launch put it squarely into the Bitcoin casino market. Better known in the online gambling industry as a game aggregator, Slotegrator focuses on providing online casino […]
  • Pinnacle Takes Home 2 Top Awards For eSports - It has been a roller-coaster ride for Pinnacle this year. In the middle of the year, the online sportsbook underwent a major overhaul in its branding. It was also accompanied by a few changes for the sportsbooks that improved its look in several areas like its affiliates, casino, and also its eSports offerings. The recent […]
  • 2 Types Of Betting Odds Used In Bitcoin Sports - There are a number of online betting games for Bitcoin owners to engage in. Outside of the familiar casino games, cryptocurrency users can also place bets on different sporting events around the world. This gambling attraction may seem simple to new players. However, sports betting can be a complex activity due to the different types […]
  • Bitcoin Gambling Welcomes New & Old Game Providers - Bitcoin gambling sites often have hundreds of games featured on them. They range from slot games to card games. All of them though have one aim in mind: to entertain Bitcoin gamblers. However, these games do not just appear out of thin air. Bitcoin gambling software comes from a wide range of developers, each aiming […]
  • Bitcoin Daily Fantasy Sports: Why It Would Work - Daily fantasy sports has become a gambling giant in recent years. An evolution of the fantasy sports concept, it changes the formula from having a competition lasting for an entire sporting season to one that just takes a day. Some DFS operators even offer competitions that are resolved even more quickly. In this fast-paced gambling […]
  • Top 5 Bitcoin Sportsbooks For eSports Betting - eSports are becoming a powerful force in the entertainment industry. This can be traced to the increasing importance of the Internet and the popularity of video games. Most people have played one or two video games in their time and have enjoyed the experience. With eSports, this game playing is honed to the finest point. […]