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Bryan Burgett

A recent addition to the BitcoinGG team, Bryan is an avid writer that deals with cryptocurrencies, constantly keeping up with the latest news and effects it has on the Bitcoin community as a whole. He has the art of creating attractive copies for online websites and is comfortable in simplifying even the most complex concepts involving Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies. Whether about online gambling, new brands in the market, or even the innovative technologies used and created by the digital currency, Bryan masterfully translates ideas to words, engaging readers—the uninitiated included—to explore and gain more knowledge about Bitcoin and its role in the online gaming industry.

  • How Will Bitcoin Gambling Market Encourage Real-Money Online Casinos to Accept BTC? - While Bitcoin is a digital form of money, it can also be used in other scenarios as well. With it being invaluable to online casinos that are centralized around cryptocurrencies, it leads to the question as to how it will encourage others to join suit – especially casinos that only accept real money. Offering Time […]
  • Is the $300-$400 Bitcoin Price Range Good or Bad for Online Bettors? - When dealing with gambling with Bitcoin, the value of each coin has an impact on how players perceive the amount they’re spending. While it is really the same in actuality (being that if you deposit at $300 and withdraw at $300 they would be equal), we view these as being vastly different. And when it […]
  • On Altcoin Gambling: What Crypto Should Be Supported? - For businesses that revolve around Bitcoin as their only method of payment, opening the doors to an altcoin is becoming a necessity. With Bitcoin’s somewhat slow confirmation times and quickly growing blockchain, keeping up with technology is a must. Luckily, there are a couple of altcoins that are among the top, with both of them […]
  • Do Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuations Affect Gambling? - Bitcoin is still in a very volatile state. While it has been staying in the same general range as of lately, if you compare it to a month or two ago (or what will likely be in the future), it’s clear that it changes to a pretty large degree. So how does this affect Bitcoin […]
  • Bitcoin Gambling: Not a Threat to Bitcoin Adoption -   One of Bitcoin’s best and worst qualities is its decentralized nature. This opens the doors for doing a lot of things people otherwise would not have the capability of, such as online gambling. While this is a great thing in that it gives more choice and less regulation, it does come with it the […]
  • 5 Important Points for Guaranteed Blissful Bitcoin Gambling - Picking out the best bitcoin casino can be tough. There are many options out there, and different sites come with different benefits in terms of bonuses, their game offerings, and even things like deposit and withdrawal times. To make your choice, you need to ask yourself some basic questions: Do you need live chat support? […]
  • 3 Effective Tips on How to Protect Yourself When Gambling - Bitcoin has opened the doors for gambling online in a completely different manner than was ever thought possible in the past, but it has also brought with it some new things players need to be aware of. Staying safe when gambling online is pretty easy when using bitcoin, but it does take being attentive to […]
  • Bitcoin Marks Online Gambling Landscape Anew -   One of bitcoin’s greatest benefits is in the ability to use it in online casinos. While online casinos have been around for a while, bitcoin brings about its own benefits above and beyond what is available using traditional funding methods.  Anonymity Bitcoin allows for gambling in casinos completely anonymously. There is no need for […]
  • Provably Fair Gaming 101: Keeping Funds Secured From Cheaters - When gambling in online casinos, one of the biggest things that cryptocurrencies have brought to the table is the invention of “provably fair gaming.” This includes systems that allow the players to easily verify the results of any games they play, ensuring that the sites are using random results and are not attempting to cheat […]
  • Launches, Offers Real Dice Betting Experience - A New Type of Dice When it comes to gambling sites, nothing is better than a site that brings something new to the table. This is exactly what Pocket Dice has done. Bringing with it a mobile site and a provably fair system, this new and exciting dice game shows that there are still many […]