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Daniel Nyairo

An Information Technology graduate with diverse knowledge on areas as web design, graphic design, system support and database management, Daniel is a Kenyan whose passion is to engage and delight with good online content. He is currently doing a Bachelor’s Degree on English & Literature in Kenyatta University while working as an external writer and blogger for various platforms. His thorough knowledge and skills in devising content for different markets earns him the opportunity to work in and for various online brands. He is most comfortable writing about business, technology, travel, and Bitcoin. Although he devotes his time to writing, he also finds time to socialize through distinct organizations within his country.

  • What if Online Casinos Were Built on the Blockchain Instead? - The arrival of the Internet has turned out to be a huge boost to gambling. Before it, the only place where people could go to play poker or roulette was in a brick-and-mortar casino downtown. And for sports, one had to make a visit to a betting shop or the post office. All these options […]
  • How to Avoid Online Gambling Scams in 2015 - In brick and mortar casinos, gamblers are protected by local gaming regulators who enforce gaming laws and best practices. However, the environment online is a different one.  Here gamblers are always vulnerable to scams occasioned by anonymity, wide reach, and low regulation. The situation is even more critical where bitcoin and other crypto currencies are […]
  • Does Bitcoin Have Place in Brick-and-Mortar Casinos? - In January last year, news broke out that Golden Gate and D Las Vegas, two casino establishments along Fremont St. in Las Vegas, had started to accept Bitcoin as payment for hotel services, restaurants, and souvenirs or gifts. Excluding the casino floor from their list of services to accept the digital currency, the two, however, […]
  • Does the Cost of Mining a Bitcoin Make it Viable or Not? - The Bitcoin value has been on a free fall in the last few months. From a high of $1,100 in the last quarter of 2013, the coin now costs slightly over $200, prompting every Bitcoin exchange to register extreme lows. To those who do not believe in the potential of Bitcoin to succeed, this is […]
  • What Does 2015 Hold for Bitcoin? - The year 2014 was the time during which the Bitcoin gambling market made huge leaps. Now that we are in the first quarter of 2015, we can only look back at the previous year in terms of goals attained, obstacles overcame and opportunities lost. And this applies to everything we came into contact with, including […]
  • Mt. Gox Heist: An Inside Job, Now What? - As we bid 2014 farewell and made arrangements to usher in 2015 with the usual funfair, critical and interesting Bitcoin-related news were coming out of Tokyo, Japan. Apparently, the evidence collected by police on the Mt. Gox heist pointed to an inside job. Essentially, that means the 850,000 BTC lost, 90% of which belongs to […]
  • Bitcoin as Commodity or Currency: What Difference Does It Make to Gambling? - It is now widely agreeable that Bitcoin is making huge strides towards becoming a global currency. And this is because each passing day individuals and brands are adopting it for all kinds of business transactions. To a large extent, the growth is driven by lower cost of completing transactions, convenience, security and ease of use. […]
  • Are We Overreacting on Microsoft’s Adoption of Bitcoin? - On 10 December 2014, Microsoft made an announcement that many were not expecting, at least not at that time. The company was allowing its customers to purchase digital content in Xbox’ and Windows’ stores using Bitcoin. This step has made the world’s leading computing corporation one of the biggest tech companies ever to embrace Bitcoin. […]
  • Bitcoin Strengthens Foundation for Even Smarter Gambling on Web Mobile - How convenient does it feel to gamble on a desktop from the comfort of your home? Or to place real-time bets on events such as sports from your mobile phone while you are on the move? Of course, few around the world will not agree that this is the way to go with betting and […]
  • How to Securely Generate a Paper Wallet for Bitcoin Wins - As you go about having fun in online Bitcoin gambling casinos, it is necessary that you have secure wallets to keep your spare bitcoins as well as your huge wins. Of course, it cannot be stressed enough how important that is. One of the most secure wallets and the easiest to generate is a paper […]