Bitcoin Flip Review

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Bitcoin Flip Overview

“Head or Tail” – these are the two options to choose from to win big in Bitcoin Flip! This bitcoin site offers one great classic game, the Coin Toss/Flip Game. They claimed that their coin toss game is different from the ones that other sites offer, as their bitcoin game is “deterministic and proofable” that they will not scam you. Furthermore, bitcoin is the only payment method accepted in this site. Know more about the ways on how to buy bitcoins. In terms of language, English is the only one offered.

Bitcoin Flip Details

Established 2012
Cryptocurrencies 20+
Compatibility Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Type Bitcoin Trading
Sign up Process Facebook

How to Play Bitcoin Flip

To start playing and betting if it is a head or a tail, the first thing you have to do in Bitcoin Flip! is send amounts of bitcoins to any of the bitcoin wallet addresses they will be providing. Take note that the minimum bet is 0.002 BTC and the maximum bet is 0.1 BTC. This site also offers 0 confirmation feature.

After sending amounts of bitcoins, all you need to do is sit back and relax and wait for few seconds until the server tosses the coin. If it lands on your selected side, the bitcoins are yours! They offer fast transactions so after betting; either you receive the amount you won or 0.00000001 BTC if you lose. When it comes to the wallet accepted, it has to accept the transactions from the address you sent your bitcoins; hence, to do it, you must test small amounts first.


One of the features they have Bitcoin Flip! is emphasizing is their Documentation. In this page, you verify that they do not and will not cheat you. They have given the secret used to generate the result of the game after 24 hours. They gave a link that “secret” for you to analyze. And for you to verify that they indeed use the “secret”, they also gave a link where you can download a hashfile of all the “secret” for the next two years. More than that, they also have given websites where you can verify the “secret” without being a programmer; together with the step by step procedure.

In terms of transparency, Bitcoin Flip! offers a payout table where you can find all the results of the games and transactions happened. The bet, result, address, amount of bet, and payout are all provided here. Furthermore, details per game are also provided.

Bitcoin Flip Pros & Cons


  • Bitcoin Friendly
  • Mobile App
  • Fast Simulator
  • Accepts Other Cryptocurrencies


  • Only Simulation
  • Limited Charts

Customer Support

Most probably, the downside of this flipcoin Bitcoin site is that it has no customer support. Hence, if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions, it will just remain on yourself as there is no way to contact them. However, you can send us an email, and we will try answer whatever queries you might have.


Bitcoin Flip! is a great Bitcoin gambling site for Coin Toss/Flip Game not only because of the fast transactions but also the fact that it offers complete documentation on how every game goes together with complete transparency.

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