FreeBitcoin Overview

For sure, no one would refuse an offer of free bitcoins and that includes you. Hence, better prepare yourself for another bitcoin platform that will give you Bitcoin for free – FreeBitcoin. By the very gist of its name, you can know exactly what this portal is about. The only remaining question is how.

FreeBitcoin gives sums of free Bitcoins every hour, and as what they would emphasize, ‘no strings attached.’ All you need to have is a Bitcoin wallet so they can send your winnings. If in case you do not have one. Worry not. All you have to do is click on the link that corresponds to this; provide all the required details (email address and password). You will receive the confirmation link on your email, click it and your bitcoin wallet will be created in an instant.

To get started with FreeBitcoin, you have to of course make an account by providing your wallet address, password, and email address. After this, you are good to go! You can now start getting free bitcoins every hour.

How to get bitcoins for free with FreeBitcoin:

  • In the ‘Free Play’ page, numbers will be shown for you to enter in the box given. After you have made sure that these digits are correct, click the ‘Roll’ button and you will win free bitcoins. You are more than welcome to come back every hour and play to earn free bitcoins every time.
  • The other way to multiply your bitcoins is by playing a ‘dice game’. You don’t need to make a deposit or whatsoever as this game is offered for free. Like what other dice game sites offer, you just have to predict if the number that will be drawn is higher or lower than the number they have given; hence, your main task is to ‘BET HI’ or ‘BET LO’. If your prediction is correct, you will sure win. On the other hand, there is also a jackpot prize offered in this game if you rolled the number ‘8888’. And of course, you can keep calm while playing as this game is assured to be Provably Fair.
  • It is always nice to share this advantageous bitcoin platform with your friends by referring them to this site. By doing so, you will earn a massive 50% commission on all free play earnings by your referred users. Just sit back, relax, and let them bring sums of bitcoins in your wallet.

It is a rare offer, so better check and try FreeBitcoin. This Bitcoin gambling platform will surely give not only free bitcoins but also advantages that will make your bitcoin life step up to the next level. With these simple yet brilliant ways to earn bitcoin, you will sure fill your wallet with good amounts of these digital coins without spending any. Know more about FreeBitcoin now.

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