SatoshiDice Review

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SatoshiDice Overview

SatoshiDice emphasizes the three major features they have on its popular dice game such as off-chain betting, instant payouts, and provable fairness.

“Intelligence and concentration is the key to win Bitcoin.” This is seemingly the first thing you will have in mind after seeing SatoshiDice. Indeed, this platform is a decent Bitcoin gambling site that offers great deals: from its cool dice game, variety of languages offered, easy ways to start, and up to its transparency and amazing graphics.

Launched in 2012, it was formerly owned by Erik Tristan Voorhees who sold the site to an undisclosed buyer in 2013. The operations are currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

SatoshiDice Pros & Cons


  • Provably fair
  • Full anonymity
  • No registration required
  • Easy to play


  • US restrictions
  • No bonuses
  • Not mobile compatible
  • No live chat

SatoshiDice Games

SatoshiDice are one of the pioneers of Bitcoin dice games, so it stands to reason that their key offering is Bitcoin Dice. There are two key ways of playing: on the main site, using your computer or mobile phone, or gambling on the blockchain using your Bitcoin wallet.

Playing on the main site is simple and easy to do, with clever sliders for you to adjust bet amounts and win chance. This will then show you your potential profit on win, before you hit roll the dice. Gambling on the blockchain is a quick option for those who simply want to use their Bitcoin wallet. Send your bet to one of the wallet addresses and you’ll be instantly credited if you win.

Software Features & Graphics

The SatoshiDice software was first created by a Bitcoin fan back in 2012. The software was unlike anything the world had ever seen before, particularly thanks to the provably fair system that was created. The creator of the site then took to Reddit in order to sell the software, with the new owner refining it and turning it into something rather spectacular.

The graphics and user interface are fresh and appealing. But it’s the provably fair system, including the option to verify the previous roll, that has appealed to the many Bitcoin gambling fans. It was this software and system that led the way for dozens of Bitcoin Dice and Casino games in the future.


Accounts at SatoshiDice used to be secret, but there have been recent changes meaning that players must register an email address. Signing up is extremely easy, however, and very few details are actually needed. As long as you have an email address and a Bitcoin wallet then you’re ready to get started at SatoshiDice.

Withdrawal & Deposits

Depositing and withdrawing is simple and extremely fast. When you’re logged into the site you’ll be given a wallet address to send Bitcoins to your balance. Deposits will require one confirmation before they’re added to your balance, but this is normally pretty quick.

If you win anything at SatoshiDice then you’ll find the winnings in your account in less than 30 seconds! In some cases, it can be less than five seconds. You are allowed to withdraw winnings at any time and these are processed immediately. You’ll find that transactions are usually confirmed in the blockchain within a maximum of 20 minutes.

Bonuses & Promotions

One of the biggest draws to SatoshiDice is their free Bitcoin faucet. Members logged in can check the Bitcoin faucet every 60 seconds to see if they’re a winner. The prize? 200 Satoshis. At they give this out every 60 seconds, there’s definitely a chance to nab yourself some free Bitcoin.

Mobile Games

SatoshiDice is completely mobile friendly and you should have no problems accessing the site on your mobile device. You can also gamble on the blockchain using your Bitcoin wallet, if this is something you have set up on your phone. The ease of use means that you really can play on the go!


There is a comprehensive FAQ guide on the site and a walkthrough of how to play when you sign up. You can also email the support team at any time for a quick response.

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