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Blackjack or Twenty-one has been one of the most famous card games along with Poker and Baccarat. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the simplicity of its rules plus the fact that there are several strategies that can be used to ensure a big win.  Hence, when Bitcoin casinos emerged, this is one of the classic casino games that had been immediately made available to play with bitcoins.

Knowing how to play blackjack, be it bitcoin or not, is plain and simple. You can always read more information on Bitcoin Blackjack. The main objective or the goal of every player is to accumulate a score nearest or exactly 21 based on their cards. On the other hand, the main thing to avoid in playing blackjack is “busting.” This happens if the total points in your card exceed 21, if this is the case you will automatically lose.

There are several things to keep in mind in knowing how to play blackjack like the back of your hand. With these things, you can easily have a better grasp of the rules and make the odds to be in your favor.

–          Card Values

The value of the cards from two to ten retains their original value. On the other hand, Face cards like King, Queen, and Jack are equivalent to ten points. Ace cards can be count as one or eleven depending on the player’s preference. Lastly, the sum of the card values is called the hand’s value, which to guarantee a win must be exactly twenty one or higher than the hand’s value of the dealer.

–          Hit or Stand

After receiving your first two cards, to hit or to stand are the two important things you must decide on; as it can either bring them the victory or make them lose in the game. Hitting means getting an additional card to add points to your current card score, there is no limit on how many times you are going to hit; however, you must be careful as it can result to a bust. Standing, on the other hand, means staying on the cards you currently have; but then, you have to make sure that it is higher than the dealer’s for you to win.

–          Split and Double Down

Splitting happens when the player have two cards of the same value. You can split the cards into two hands and can play both of them separately. Hence, you must place an additional bet for the second hand. In addition, Doubling Down allows the player to place a bet the same as the initial bet in exchange for standing after receiving one more card.

Now that you are familiar with the things you must consider in playing blackjack, next thing for you to know is how to play blackjack with bitcoins.

Since this game utilizes bitcoins, accounts or signups are not required in bitcoin casinos offering this game; hence, how to play blackjack with bitcoins is just a piece of cake. To know more about betting with bitcoins,click here. You can directly place your bet by scanning the QR code or send the required amounts of bitcoins directly to the Bitcoin wallet address they will be providing. After receiving a confirmation, you can now play and decide whether to hit or stand, split or double down. If it’s your lucky day, your winnings will be sent back to the wallet address you have used in sending your payment. All of these processes happen in just a matter of few seconds or minutes.

Indeed, learning how to play blackjack is just quick and easy. No wonder it has been a famous card game since it offers simplicity mixed with both challenge and excitement.