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BetcoinerBitcoin gamblers, who want to have a break from the usual casino games, can give prediction games a shot and begin betting on possible future events in Betcoiner. This Bitcoin gambling site is among the growing number of prediction gaming sites powered by this digital currency and is seen to stand out in its category. After all, it packs an array of commendable features that are complemented by its quality services, which only make the overall betting experience attractive, profitable, and convenient, giving more reasons for avid bettors to get a taste of profits through wild and educated guesses.

When making a bet in Betcoiner, however, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of how betting on predictions actually work in order to avoid unnecessary loss of bitcoins due to inability to grasp the mechanics. With this gambling site, though, every bettor will not have any problem at all, especially because all they will ever need to think about is to either agree or disagree with the statement.

This makes betting easier through its straightforward and easy-to-use interface. After choosing from a list of statements that are grouped categorically and depending on their status, players will be directed to an actual statement that presents its clause, beside which a box, where the bet amount of at least 0.01 BTC and the prediction can be placed, is located.

What is also striking in this Bitcoin gambling site is how easy it is to gain profits because players are given the option to either bet on a statement or be the one to make a statement. While placing bets on active statements is the more common method to generate profits between the two, making the actual statements can prove to be beneficial too. If the statement is approved by the moderator, not only will the player who wrote the statement have a chance to win a bet through his own statement, but he can also receive 9% of the total bets on the losing side.

With the ability to bet as many times as possible, even on opposing outcomes, and to make statements on the side, betting in Betcoiner is guaranteed to turn an ordinary gambling experience online to a much more exciting and rewarding Bitcoin betting. In addition, it is advised to bet as early as possible to win bigger payouts with the site’s concept of weighted bet, which is the bet amount multiplied by the minutes the bet is placed before the event deadline.

However, before enjoying these perks, bettors must first place a deposit of any amount. Be advised, though, that it needs to reach five confirmations before the funds are reflected in the total balance, which may take several minutes up to an hour. Cashing out, on the other hand, involves a 0.001 BTC handling fee that will be deducted from the total withdrawal amount that can be as low as 0.01 BTC.

Indeed, venturing into making predictions on real-life events will absolutely make an average Bitcoin betting experience more interesting. Therefore, bet in Betcoiner in order to have more ways of winning bitcoins.

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