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BetMoose highlights the prediction market by integrating Bitcoin into the system, giving bettors more benefits in wins, payments, and security.

In-Depth Review

BetMoose is an online Bitcoin betting platform designed for placing bets on the possible outcomes of future events and for creating such events that can be about sports, Bitcoin, entertainment, news, politics, or basically anything under the sun.

Having been established in 2014, BetMoose is one of those who pioneered the innovative P2P social betting exchange system, where players can bet on anything, and create their own bets, giving them opportunities to win more bitcoins.

Bitcoin Games

All the bets placed for each event on BetMoose are pooled together. Thus, bettors play against their fellow players and not against the house. This setup makes this website better than the sportsbooks in terms of the odds while also making it flexible as compared to the traditional predication markets.

Here, players also have the ability to host an event other than simply placing bets on several scenarios. Hosting is an easy task, but this should be taken seriously since it should satisfy the requirements set by this platform: objective, verifiable outcome, and correct resolutions.

Mistakes or wrong details in hosted events result in deduction or loss of commissions and ratings.

Meanwhile, when it comes to betting, BetMoose uses the Time Multiplier, so placing a bet while the event is still far from producing a result is advised to guarantee a larger payout.

Software Features And Graphics

BetMoose’s website, in spite of its proprietary-powered software, boasts a unique organization of bets and other website paraphernalia. This results in one of the most convenient and sought-out platforms in the field of Bitcoin prediction.


Registering for an account is essential, and this offers benefits like 2-click bet placing with instantaneous confirmation, transparent and detailed transaction and betting history, as well as the ability to host an event among many others.

Having an account exempts you from the possibility of having problems with receiving payouts, which is more prone to unregistered, anonymous bettors.

However, if you still prefer to bet anonymously, placing bets on the events without signing up for an account is allowed here. It strips you off, though, of the benefits registered users enjoy on top of the possibility of keying in an incorrect receiving address when collecting payouts.

Withdrawals And Deposit

There is no need to fund your account since BetMoose requests your BTC address upon registration. This means that when you place a bet, you just need to enter the amount of your bet and your BTC address. Withdrawals go the same way. If in any case you win a bet, BetMosse will send your winnings on the address that you used on placing a wager.


BetMoose’s customer support staff can be reached in different ways. The site has a live chat feature for swifter resolution to your queries. For a more detailed question, you can send the department an email. If both methods have issues, you can always get them through their social media sites.

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Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • US players accepted
  • Vast numbers of opportunity to win
  • Create your own bet feature
  • Live chat available


  • No other cryptocurrency accepted
  • No other gambling games present
  • No phone support
  • Complex account management

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