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Bets of Bitcoin
Bets of Bitcoin

Bets of Bitcoin

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Bets of Bitcoin

In-Depth Review

Bets of BitcoinIf you are tired of playing bitcoin games and want to bet your bitcoins in something new, Bets of Bitcoins is surely for you. This bitcoin gambling site allows you to bet your bitcoins on upcoming real world events. And based on their site, “events can be anything from elections to product launches.” Every bettor only have to choices to choose from, it’s either they will agree or disagree to the statement they want to bet on.

Bets of Bitcoins offers several categories for you to choose from such as Science, Technology, Politics, Economics, Entertainment, Sports, and Others. Great thing about this is that you can always submit a statement to bet on. Just go in their submit page, fill out the form then submit. 0.1 BTC will be collected as submission fee and of course, you must take a site by placing a bet on the statement you made.

Since this is a Bitcoin gambling site, the only payment method accepted here is bitcoins and English is the only language offered.

In order for you to start betting with the statements in Bets of Bitcoins, you need to register for a free account by providing just a username and password. After that, you have to deposit bitcoins to the bitcoin address they will be providing considering the minimum and maximum bet. Their current minimum bet is 0.1 BTC. Then, you can freely bet on the statement of your choice. And lastly, you have to wait until the event happen as it will tell you if your prediction will bring you fortune or not. Take note also that the earlier you bet much higher winnings will be given to you.

In terms of the graphics and platform, Bets of Bitcoins provides an excellent one. All the necessary details are presented clearly and neatly in the site so it is perfectly easy to understand. More than that, the platform is very much player-friendly. The statements are stated well and you can choose on the categories they have. As mentioned you have two choices: agree is colored green and disagree is colored red. The grey button is remaining time until the deadline. With the use of this color coding, the prediction is made easy and convenient.

Another good thing about this site is that you can have multiple bets on the same statement. You can always bet as many as you want even on the opposite side. With this, you can have great chances of winning or recover your possible loss.

Bets of Bitcoins sure offers a unique way to bet your bitcoins. All you need is a good analyzing skill and luck combined together; for sure you will be a good fortune teller and bearer. If you’re still unsure of some things, do not hesitate to know more by reading our Bitcoin gambling page. Want to predict and bet on real life events? Visit our Bets of Bitcoin page often.

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