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Bitcoin Slot
Bitcoin Slot

Bitcoin Slot

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Bitcoin Slot

In-Depth Review

Bitcoin Slot Slots with bitcoins are made more fun at Bitcoin Slot.  At first you must be mistaken by thinking that it is a game but is actually a Bitcoin gambling site that offers bitcoin game of the same name. Hence, if you are a fanatic of playing and spinning slot machines with bitcoins, this site is the place for you.

Bitcoin Slot, as what its name suggests, is empowered by bitcoins; therefore, the only payment method accepted here is the latter. It also offers three different slot machines namely; Bitcoin 4 Reel, Gold Mining, as well as Jokers are Wild. On the other hand, the only language offered in this site is English.

Good thing about this site is that it offers two modes in playing Bitcoin Slot, for Fun and for Real. If you chose the first one, you will be given the chance to play all of their machines anytime you want for free. Furthermore, if you opt for the second choice, you will be allowed to bet your bitcoins on their slot machines and get the chance of hitting good amounts of bitcoins.

To get started with Bitcoin Slot for ‘Real Mode’, the first thing you must do is to send bitcoins to the Bitcoin wallet address they have provided within 24 hours. Take note that the minimum deposit allowed is 0.10 BTC. Your deposit will appear in the counter within few hours. The bitcoins you have deposited will be converted to credits where 1 BTC is equivalent to 100 credits. In addition, you will be given a secret account number. You can use this account number if you want to access the same account on a different computer.

When it comes to graphics and game platform, Bitcoin Slot offers not so good ones. In the different slot machines they offer, the colors they have used as backdrops are a bit dark and if not, they are overpowering to the eye. More than that, the game platform they provided is small and the graphics used to convey the themes may not be that good. This aspect still needs improvement as one of the factors that players wanted in the slots aside from easy and fast transactions, is the excitement of playing this game through amazing graphics and features to give the theme it has in full blast.

In terms of information provided, this site was not able to provide much. Aside from the details on how to deposit amounts of bitcoins in their site, nothing else is provided. It could have been more helpful if they are able to provide a page for FAQ. On the other hand, they are still able to provide customer support via email.

Bitcoin Slot is an ordinary bitcoin betting site. It offers features you can also have in other sites aside from the fact that its graphics and game platform needs an improvement. However, for sure, they are working hard to fill-in these gaps to provide a best slot with bitcoin experience.

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