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In-Depth Review

BTC goLooking for a new way to gamble your bitcoins? Try to check BTC Go! This bitcoin betting site boasts of good and convenient features such as transparency, fast transactions, predictability, reasonability, and of course, an exciting game that can give you nice bitcoin wins in no time.

As what is already suggested, BTC Go only accepts bitcoin as the primary mode of payment in their gaming platform while English is the only language being supported. This way, everything is made almost instant in their site, from getting started and betting up to playing the game and winning.

To start playing at BTC Go, it is a must to understand the rules of the game first. There is a ‘pot’ which pertains to the collection of all the bets made by the players. It is played daily and at the end of the day, all the funds inside the pot will go to a single winner, and as what they have emphasized, is determined by a simple formula: Your Bet/Total Pot + Luck. The larger your bet is the more chances of winning the pot; however, those who have smaller bets has opportunities of bagging the pot but will need more of the ‘Luck’ value.

Unlike other Bitcoin gambling sites, no registration is required in the betting platform; hence, anonymity in all its glory is provided. You just have to click the ‘Play’ button in their homepage and bet directly – speedily and hassle-free. To place you wager, just send the amount of bitcoins to the wallet address provided or simply scan the QR code. Just take note of the minimum and maximum bets to avoid inconvenience in your future transactions. Wait for the pot to be ‘blown’ by keeping an eye on the timer shown. If you are the lucky one selected, they will send your winnings directly to the address where you send your wager from.

Since bitcoins are used in the transaction, they assured that transparency as well as security is given to the players. Moreover, they have offered a reasonable service fee for every pot of 1% which is actually advantageous compared to other competing brands. On the other hand, if in case you need to know how this site works specifically, there is a page in their site where all the information and details you need are already given, all you have to do is read and understand.

If you have questions, concerns, or inquiries, you can contact their client service by filling their support form with necessary details. They will get back to you as much as possible to give you a hand.

BTC Go can be considered a good Bitcoin gambling site. Though it offers utmost convenience for players, these features are also provided by other betting brands powered by bitcoins. With more improvement on various facets like gaming platform, more transparency, fairness, and others, this bitcoin gambling portal is sure to give you a good bitcoin gaming experience and of course, great win. Read here if you want to know more about BTC Go.

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