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BTC Lottery
BTC Lottery

BTC Lottery

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BTC Lottery

In-Depth Review

BTC LotteryCompletely anonymous, secured, and gives chances of winning big – these are just some of the highlights that BTC Lottery provides. This is a bitcoin lottery site allowing its clients to ‘purchase lottery tickets with bitcoins and win big!’ In addition, to give its name the real gist, the only payment method accepted here is bitcoin and the language being supported is English.

BTC Lottery offers a simple yet interesting lottery game. It allows the players to ‘purchase’ a ticket or tickets by depositing amounts, considering its minimum and maximum to the wallet address they have given. Every 0.001 BTC deposited is equivalent to one ticket. Once the lottery system meets its goal limit, the automated system takes a count on all of the tickets and selects one in a random manner. The lucky pick will get the 95% total of the pool and the remaining 5% will go to the house for the maintenance of its running system. To get more chances of winning, the tip is to deposit more amounts of bitcoins to ‘purchase’ more tickets that will give your more odds on hitting the pot.

To purchase your tickets at BTC Lottery and get started, all you need to do is send your preferred amount of bitcoins to the Bitcoin wallet address they have provided. Take note that the minimum ticket amount is .001 BTC and the maximum number of tickets will be 100 which is equivalent to 0.1BTC. If you have sent amount more than the maximum, your tickets will not be added but will just be limited to 100. On the other hand, of you do not provide enough amounts to purchase a single ticket, your bitcoin bet will be considered forfeited.

Security and transparency are also emphasized in BTC Lottery. It offers a SSL encryption to make sure that information as well as players bitcoins are safe and more than secured. They also offer a table where you can view the previous transactions which include the amount deposited, number of ticket purchased, and the results.

When it comes to information, BTC Lottery offered all of the necessary details you needed if you are still new in this site. It provides full information on the rules of the game including step by step transactions as well as directions on how to get started and verification to know that the results of your lottery games are all authentic, fair, and certified valid.

Overall, BTC Lottery is a great bitcoin brand for Bitcoin lottery enthusiasts out there. They offer all of the convenience you wish for since it utilizes bitcoins together with the benefits of playing a very simple lottery game but having the great odds of hitting the pot and earning big. If you want to try its lottery with bitcoin wonders, visit BTC Lottery often.

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