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Coin178 is a newly released online casino that bridges the gap between Asian bettors and the world. It effectively conducts BTC transfers as well.

In-Depth Review

Coin178 is an online casino that functions as the arm of a legal land-based casino. This gambling destination calls itself the ‘casino in your home’ as it enables betting enthusiasts, especially those in Asia, to conveniently experience spot-on entertainment right in the comfort of their home.

With the online community of Asian gamblers established as its primary market, it is only logical for the casino to support several languages in the region, including English. However, Coin178 takes its gambling services to another level by incorporating Bitcoin into its platform. Serving as an Asian-oriented Bitcoin gambling platform, it comes equipped with the appropriate components that are vital for a series of top-notch betting sessions using the digital currency. The first on the list is the rich library of Bitcoin games that are aptly designed to match the betting style of Asian gamblers.


Bitcoin Games

The main element that sets it apart from the other brands is its collection of Bitcoin casino games. Although it has the online casino staples like Bitcoin slots, it features a unique gambling environment that is filled with Asian casino games.

Sic Bo, Dragon-Tiger, Fantan, Xoc Dai, and Balangkai are some of the games that may not be as popular among Western bettors. However, these are guaranteed to be a hit among players in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan. What is even better is the fact that these games are not computer-generated. Instead, they are played in real-time and are manned by live dealers via the live video feeds broadcast from the brick-and-mortar casino.

The other Bitcoin casino games featured in its live casino are baccarat and roulette. Other than the slots, table games, and keno, which originated in China, Coin178 also hosts a Bitcoin sports betting interface that covers a gamut of sporting events in the local and international arenas.

Software Features And Graphics

Considering that Coin178 is powered by a proprietary software provider, this casino manages to produce a decent website interface. Bettors can expect a clean environment that is simple, straightforward, and is certainly pleasing to the eyes.


Registration is required to be able to earn real Bitcoin while playing. When signing up for an account, a variety of information will be asked, including the name, address, contact numbers, and other details. Although this is surprisingly odd for a Bitcoin casino, do remember that this website is not purely Bitcoin-operated. Fiat currencies are also used in order to wager, so the collection of personal details during registration is reasonable.

Withdrawals And Deposit

Another great feature of this online casino is it supports Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, considering its system is originally structured to only accept fiat bets. Bitcoin gamblers can effectively reload their accounts and withdraw their funds without the need to seek third-party processors. The only downside to this advantage is Coin178 cannot process instant Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Nevertheless, this platform guarantees its players that their funds will appear on their accounts within 24 hours.

Bonuses And Promotions

Newly registered members are bound to receive a lucrative 200% Welcome Bonus. To acquire this, all they have to do is contact the casino’s customer service department. From there, the representative will verify the request and once it is verified, the bonus will immediately be distributed to their account. A Monthly Bonus of 200 mBTC is also available.


Bettors are presented with a complete set of customer care options available 24/7. Players facing technical difficulties or having confusions with the website can contact the department through phone, email, or live chat. Moreover, instant messaging services like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and QQ are alternatives.

Contact Details

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+855 887 178 178+66 888 877 178
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Live Chat Support

Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • US players accepted
  • Live chat support
  • Phone service available
  • 200% Welcome Bonus


  • Lacks variety of games
  • No other altcoins accepted
  • BTC transactions are not instant
  • Needs registration


While we want smooth gambling sessions, experiencing a few bumps along the way is inevitable. You can find below the current and past complaints filed by the players, and even submit your own concerns.

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    by: magnetic1
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Players Review

Here’s what the players say about this Bitcoin gambling site. Do you agree with their reviews? You, too, can share your experience playing on this site! Write your own review and give it a rating now.

  1. Okayyyy, but needs changes

    I’d have to agree with the comments before mine; I was expecting a completely Asian-themed casino… but this doesn’t look Asian at all. But apart from that, I have no problem with their games, they’re kinda cool…
    This is prolly the casino I’ve played at with unique, Asian games like Fantan and Dragon-Tiger (which I have to admit is heaps addicting)! As far as their sportsbook is concerned, it’s the pretty generic one you see on most sportsbooks, although it’s layout could do tons of redesigning.
    They’re Asian-oriented all right, but they really need to think of their concept for their website if they’re really going for the oriental, Eastern-themed ones. I love their games, but players would get a better gaming experience if the games are also in line with the theme.

  2. Needs improvements to be more unique

    I was really excited to play here especially when I read that they are an Asian-themed casino, but to be honest it looks really cheap. Perhaps they can hire a better web designer and improve the design and homepage to make it feel more oriental. As a player, I give casinos brownie points if they can stay true to their “image” of some sort. I’ve heard somewhere that they also have a land-based casino in Asia, so maybe that can help them with the whole web design thing… As for their games, now that’s where I feel the oriental-ness! Sic-Bo, Dragon-Tiger and Fantan are my personal favorites and this is where I first discovered Balangkai, which is very interesting! Customer support is also approachable and helpful with my concerns. They have good games all right, but it takes more than games for a player to feel “at home” at a casino, and honestly, I didn’t feel that here.


    by: MisterJo3

  3. Not exactly my cuppa

    A unique Asian-themed casino! However, I am disappointed with how the site looks… I don’t feel the Asian vibes from it at all, not even the headers or something like that.
    I can’t really call this one my cup of tea, nor do I dislike it; LOL I have no idea. I like the games and the real-time feeling of it, but until now I still feel unsure about giving them my personal details. I think that’s because they accept fiat money since they are also land based, but COME ON, can’t they make exceptions for bitcoins? AND speaking of bitcoins… the transactions take FOREVEEEEER! It’s also a bit suspicious that I can’t find anything about their licensing nor about who owns it on their website… I did read somewhere that they’re licensed in Cambodia, and somewhere else that the company is located in Vietnam?? Ummmm….
    So far I haven’t had any shady experience, but maybe they could improve on how they can make their site seem more “trustworthy” to those who are always looking into the safety and legitimacy of a casino aka to those who are really picky about their casinos LOL xx


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