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Accepted Currencies:

In-Depth Review is the first cryptocurrency lottery site that supports six digital coins. Aside from bitcoins, you are sure to enjoy a simple yet exciting lottery game with Dogecoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, and Terracoin. If you are not sure how to acquire these, you can at least find out how to get Bitcoins. It’s easy. You can either buy Bitcoins or get them free. As for this site, it works pretty simple in addition to the fact that it boasts of numerous features you will certainly adore.

Anonymous Way to Play Lottery        

Registration is not required in getting started at You never have to experience even the smallest process of signing up with username and password.  In fact, the moment you entered the site, you can easily play the lottery game by choosing your preferred cryptocurrency. All you have to do is choose a lucky number, send your bet, and wait for the draw.

Numerous Lottery Games to Choose From

At, you can be assured that there is a lottery game that will suit your gaming palate. They have four lottery games in store. First is ‘one number from 4’ wherein you have to choose one lucky number from digits 1 to 4. Second is ‘one number from 3’, which is the same with the latter only the range of digits is from 1 to 3. Third lottery is ‘one number from 2’ where you have to choose between numbers 1 and 2. Take note that the bets required varies from a game to another. The higher probability of winning, of course, the higher sum of wager needed. Each of these lottery games has different lottery drawing frequency.

On the other hand, if life-changing win is the goal you are aiming for,’s Jackpot Game is the thing for you. It is an additional coin pool than anybody can win. In any bet made by players, a small Jackpot fee is collected and if you have been the luckiest pick, you are sure to win big.

Fast and Simple Transactions

Whether you are making a deposit or withdrawal, you can be assured that the process is immediate. You never have to wait for long as these transactions are accomplished in just few minutes – no hassles. Just take note that before your bet is recognized network confirmations are needed. The number of confirmations required varies from depending on the cryptocurrency you are using.

Good Customer Support

Since this lottery site is new, you will find some features that need improvement or might encounter concerns in some technical aspects. However, you don’t have to worry. The client service of is good. They respond to your queries or problems instantly. On the other hand, they also support the Polish language aside from English. is a great cryptocurrency lottery site. If you want to gamble your alternative currencies and try your hand at simple lottery games, you must check this site out. Just keep in mind to take things slow because this site is new. Other than that, this is another good betting site for cryptocurrency users who want to win big. Read more about this lottery site here.

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