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Crypto Royale
Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale

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Crypto Royale

In-Depth Review

Crypto RoyaleThe secret of crypto-currency royalty is absolutely here at Crypto Royale! Established in 2013, it offers an extraordinary way of earning digital coins. This site provides complete anonymity to players, almost instant transactions, and really exciting game that can either bring great boon as well as unfortunate bane.

Crypto Royale accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin as modes of payments. Also, the only language supported here is English. What is really interesting about this site is the fact that it provides a bitcoin game also known as ‘Chain game’. In this game, you have to buy a treasure worth a certain amount of bitcoins. Since you are its new owner, it is a must that someone buys it from you in the given allotted time. If this happens, you will get your money back plus the profit you have earned. However, if not, you will lose your bet and the price of your treasure will reset to a lower amount.

To get started with Crypto Royale, you have to decide first if you are going to play with Bitcoin or Litecoin. If you have chosen one, you can then proceed to choose the treasure that you would want to buy. The amount of treasure varies depending on its multiplier (this is where your bet will be multiplied in case someone buys the treasure from you before the deadliest deadline.) The lowest multiplier available is 1.2x for 0.2 BTC and the highest is up to 5x which costs around 0.5 BTC. If you have decided on the treasure you want, just click the ‘Buy’ button. You can always know more about buying bitcoins.

100% anonymity is guaranteed at Crypto Royale as the things you have to provide to buy your treasure are just your username and bitcoin address. It is a must to make sure that your address in not from exchanges or is not a shared wallet to be rest assured that you will receive and send payments successfully. After that, you are the new owner of the treasure and my luck be ever in your favor that someone will buy before the time to earn big.

Crypto Royale’s game platform is an incredible one. It utilizes a royal blue backdrop with vintage patterns enough to convey the winnings that awaits you and will certainly make you feel royal. The main platform offers details like the price, profit, multiplier, owner, as well as timeout neatly and in an organized manner. Hence, players, novice or not, can easily understand the ‘hows’ of playing the game and will be encouraged to buy and be the next owner of certain treasures.

Overall, Crypto Royale is a marvelous Bitcoin gambling site. It sure offers one incredible ‘Chain Game’ together with unique features of excitement and convenience of playing and earning enormous amount of bitcoins. Be the next treasure owner by knowing more about this Bitcoin gambling brand here. Check out Crypto Royale!


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