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LasbitvegasLasbitvegas is a browser-based bitcoin gambling site that offers three different bitcoin games. They have Coin Toss, Blackjack, and Oasis Poker. However, you must take note that these bitcoin games required certain amounts of bitcoins in your account before you can play them. Coin Toss and Blackjack require at least 0.05 BTC. On the other hand, to access Oasis Poker you need to have at least 0.15 BTC in your account. Furthermore, the only payment method accepted here is bitcoins and English is the only language available.

Starting in Lasbitvegas is just easy. To register, you just have to fill-out a form with your email address and password. After that, you are ready to go! Next step for you is to add funds by depositing amounts of bitcoins to the wallet address they will be providing so bitcoins will be deposited in your account. However, they still wait for one confirmation to appear after the transaction; hence, it will take about 15 minutes for the sent bitcoins to appear in your account. Take note that the minimum bet here is 0.05 BTC and the maximum bet is 1 BTC.

Good thing about this bitcoin gambling site, as mentioned above, is it is browser-based (HTML5/JS). This only means that you can always access this bitcoin site at your mobile device or android gadgets. It will provide you bitcoin games and features in all its glory in your mobile or android devices.

Lasbitvegas in terms of graphics provides an excellent one. You feel the royalty and elegance of the site as they used colors blue and red as backdrop. It greatly complement the color yellow used to emphasize features and details. More than that, the bitcoin games’ platforms they have offer a good quality. It looked authentic as well as pleasing to the eye; hence, you will surely enjoy playing and winning big in this bitcoin gambling site. Best thing about this site is in every game, they have provided a video with complete step by step procedure so you will learn to play their games in the easiest and fastest manner.

Lasbitvegas, however, seems to be lacking in terms of giving complete information. What you can find in their site are just the games, your account, total winnings, and number of played games, other than that, nothing else. They could have provided information on how to get started, procedures on deposits and withdrawals, as well as frequently asked questions with relevant answers. Moreover, to make this bitcoin site appear reputable and secured, they could have provided the provably fair feature.  If you’re still unsure of some of the information, you can always send us an email, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

It is of no doubt that Lasbitvegas can be a good Bitcoin gambling site as it offers interesting features. But then, the need of the clients in terms of information and security must also be considered. Know more about Lasbitvegas here!

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