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In-Depth Review

LuckyhashIf you are getting tired of wagering on the same old casino games, then it is about time you start betting on a dice game. Moreover, if you are after a top-class Bitcoin dice site, then you should only set your eyes on LuckyHash, a provably fair Bitcoin casino that offers the exciting game of dice.

What is great about this Bitcoin gambling site is the fact that the dice game it features is packed with exceptional qualities that are more than enough to provide you with the ultimate betting experience. After all, it is certain that you will be guaranteed to feel the excitement in every roll of the dice when you start playing in LuckyHash.

In order to begin betting, you just simply need a Bitcoin wallet and enough luck to win. You do not even have to create an account since the system already recognizes you through the saved cookies. However, if you prefer to go through the login process, then simply take note of the automatically generated user ID and password to access your account.

Interface and Betting Mechanics

This Bitcoin gambling site provides a simple and user-friendly interface, so you should not have any trouble rolling the dice. In fact, even the mechanics are easy to do. Simply specify your bet amount and specify the odds or the multiplier by adjusting the slider of either of the two.

You will never have a hard time doing this as the winning odds, multiplier, and target number automatically adjust upon the movement of either slider. Therefore, once you have arrived at your preferred parameters, feel free to roll the dice and wait to see if your bet wins.

Winning and Banking Transactions

When the generated number after the dice roll is lower than your target number, your bet wins. This means that you will receive the amount equivalent to the product of the multiplier and the bet amount. However, since there is a house edge of only 1%, expect to collect 99% of the total payout for your winning bet.

In the event you wish to cash out your winnings, though, you have to remember that a withdrawal fee of 0.0001 BTC is required to be paid and that a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.00010001 BTC is observed. Therefore, make sure that you collect huge winnings first before you cash out in order to make the most of your profits.

Provable Fairness and Reliability

LuckyHash ensures that all its bet outcomes are provably fair by allowing you to verify the reliability of the results on your own. By using the day’s secret and the last deposit’s transaction ID, you can verify each bet. Keep in mind, however, that secrets are only released the following day.

Overall Experience

All in all, LuckyHash offers a complete experience that you will never regret. In fact, you will even come back to this site for more bets. Therefore, if you want to try how lucky you really, then roll the dice featured in this Bitcoin dice site and put your luck to the ultimate test!

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