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PinballCoin‘Take a deep breath and feel your heart beat as you watch your bitcoin fall and anticipate the number of the bucket it will land.’ This is the thrilling foreshadowing of the bitcoin betting experience you will have in joining and eventually playing at PinballCoin. This bitcoin online gambling brand supports one language which is English. In addition, it only accepts one kind of digital coin as its primary mode of payment, namely Bitcoin.

PinballCoin offers one unique and exciting bitcoin casino game wherein you have sent bitcoin to the wallet address they have provided. It is a must to take note that the maximum bet allowed in this site is 1 BTC. In this game, you have the chance to win the amount of your bet times the number of the bucket your bitcoin lands. There are 15 buckets in all wherein 8 of these contain 0, 1 bucket is labeled 1.25, and the six remaining buckets are equally divided to categories of 2, 5, and 10. Each games happens every within seconds; hence, you have the odds to getting consecutive winnings to earn big.

On the other hand, if you are not ready playing for real bitcoins and you still want to take a good look of how this PinballCoin game is played, you can always opt to ‘Play for Free.’ There is no limit provided in how many times you can play this game for free; hence, you can play all you want until you gain enough confidence and finally switch to the real game and earn bitcoins.

One cool feature of PinballCoin is its ‘Chat’ highlights. It allows you to communicate with other online players as well as the ‘Admin’ if you have concerns or questions that necessitate instant answers; this feature is sure to give you a hand. More than that, through ‘chatting’ you are given the privilege to talk with other players about their experiences here, be it good or bad, and certainly gain strategy on how to get a times 10 win.

PinballCoin also assured their clients that they are transparent and secured. A payout table is provided where you can see the previous games including details such as when it was played, the result, address, transaction, amount of bet, returned amount, as well as return transactions. Moreover, this bitcoin betting site claimed that they are ‘Provably Fair’; since they publish in advance the public key which corresponds to a private key. They have guaranteed that these two always match as they indeed provide a fair gaming.

If you want to try something new, PinballCoin is the place for you. It offers a bitcoin casino game that will make your heart beat in thrilling anticipation aside from the fact that you can start and win instantly and complete anonymity. Sure you want your bitcoin land on the perfect bucket to make your winning times 10 of your bet. Know more about PinballCoin here.


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