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Poker Automatics
Poker Automatics

Poker Automatics

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Poker Automatics is a cutting-edge poker services provider that reinvents the online poker landscape through its advanced and reliable poker bots.

In-Depth Review

Poker Automatics is a revolutionary Bitcoin poker service provider that guarantees passive income straight from online poker rooms. Its services operate 24/7 and require no human participation at all.

It was established after noticing the slow growth of poker’s player base. Since then, this poker service provider has come up with a groundbreaking product known as ‘poker bots’ to eliminate players’ hindrances and at the same time to guarantee tremendous amounts of profits in poker games.

Bitcoin Games

Poker bots have been around long before Poker Automatics was made to flesh. Unlike the typical poker bot, however, this poker provider’s product is designed to have virtually zero-percent margin of error. This means that users can guarantee themselves of secured profits from online poker as long as the robot is running.

When it comes to pricing, these bots vary depending on the deposit level you desire to have. These levels also contrast when it comes to its ability to generate profit. Given these facts, expect the higher levelled bot to cost more compared to the standard Poker Automatics bot.

Once you have picked your favored level, all you have to do is wait for your bot to do the playing and do the earning.

Software Features And Graphics

Program installation is not required to get full utilization of this product. This yields great security, especially for users’ data stored in their computer since most poker bots need software installation—one evident gateway for system hackers to get hold of one’s computer database.

Ultimately, the costs for these fine bots are absolutely wallet-friendly. Compared to mainstream or private providers that charge 35 BTC to 179 BTC per poker bot, Poker Automatics only charges a minimum of 0.10 to 0.99 BTC for their services, which yield a monthly average profit of 12%. What is great about its pricing is the fact users are given plentiful of options that complement their gaming style.


To experience the wonders of these poker bots, all you have to do is register for an account. The great thing about its registration process is the fact that there are no sensitive details required. Your username, email address, and password are the only details needed in order to create an account.

Withdrawals And Deposit

You can earn profits right after seven days. In addition, you can withdraw your profits at any time of the day, given it is not on the weekend. Take note, however, that the minimum amount of deposits is 0.1 BTC and the minimum for withdrawals is 0.1 BTC.


You can contact its customer support department by sending them an email or by messaging them through their social media accounts. Each department has their own email address, so it should be easy to receive the appropriate assistance needed. Also, a contact form is available on the site, along with the option to engage in a Skype chat for live support.

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Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • Revolutionary poker service
  • Minimum charge for their service
  • Instant cashouts
  • Minimum deposits


  • Complex for beginners
  • Does not accept altcoins
  • Limited market coverage
  • Removes poker gambling experience

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