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SatoshiButtonsIn just one click of a button, you can definitely win bitcoins with SatoshiButtons. This bitcoin betting site is a new kid on the block; however, it has easily catered the interests of bitcoin players as aside from the fact that it offers a unique way to win bitcoins, it also provide convenient features that will give you the fastest way to increase your earnings. Are you new to bitcoins? Don’t fret; it is very legal to use, and you can read our Bitcoin Gambling Legal page to know more.

SatoshiButtons, unlike other bitcoin gambling sites, get rid of the usual stuffs to offer an exceptional game exclusively enjoyed with bitcoins. The moment you enter their domain, one thousand buttons will flood your eyes. The thing is, by simply clicking the buttons you will get the chances of opening the winning ones and get returns from 1.1 to 10 times of your initial bet. When 700 buttons are already revealed, new map (set of buttons) will be generated and you can start letting the good times roll again.

To get started with SatoshiButtons, all you have to do is provide your username and password. After this, you can now start clicking your lucky buttons and place your wagers in them by sending 0.0001BTC per button to the wallet address provided. You can also scan the QR code shown – any of these two routes will lead you to an instant way to play this game. The buttons you have placed your wager on will immediately reveal the number where your bet will be multiplied. However, if you just got a white blank button, it is a say that you better try again once more.

You can see your game hash/id to the upper portion of the gaming platform. Hence, you can sure verify the results of your game. All you have to do is click the link and the concatenate buttons json string together with the secret key will be shown. The steps on how to verify the results using these details are generally given in the same page.

When it comes to gaming platform, nothing much can be said except that SatoshiButtons’ is simply excellent. Though the portal is just full of buttons in the first look, you can assure of its brilliance once you started playing as aside from being design-wise, everything is straight-forward, fast, and simple to use. On the other hand, the downside of this platform is the fact that they don’t offer FAQ page or even a single page where you can view more information about them. However, they have assured that will get your questions answered and problems solved by letting them know of these concerns via email.

SatoshiButtons is indeed a new picture to make the most of in the bitcoin gambling world. Even though it is new, it appears to be a promising one with all the features and highlights it offers. Hence, you can always know more about SatoshiButtons here.

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