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TAABL is your best option if you are searching for a new way to enjoy lottery. After all, it is hailed as ‘the amazing anonymous Bitcoin lottery’.

In-Depth Review

“100% anonymous, 100% transparent and 100% verifiable” – these are just some of the features that The Amazing Anonymous Bitcoin Lottery or TAABL promises to offer. More than that, it also claims to have one of the highest payout games in the cyber world with 99.0% expected return.

Established in the early 2013, TAABL holds the title as ‘the world’s original Bitcoin lottery.’ It had a good run in the market until 2014 where the administrators of the site saw little to no activity, which then resulted in their hiatus. To date, TAABL is now more formidable and is equipped with an upgraded system while keeping its original appeal intact. Other than Bitcoin, this platform accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as well, such as Litecoin, Namecoin, and Dash.

Bitcoin Games

TAABL, as what its name conveys, offers only one game: Bitcoin Lottery. However, this bitcoin game has four varieties called “BitPick” which includes Pick 2, Pick 3, and Pick 4. Unique from other Bitcoin lottery sites, the main goal of TAABL’s lottery game is to pick the last digits of the hash of every completed block.

This site also allows multiple bets in one transaction. In a bet that costs 0.1 BTC, if you send 1 BTC that means 10 bets will already be placed for you. Payout tables are clearly presented for every transaction made from 2013 up to the most current. Details including the game type, address, the date the player started, house fee, and the amount of bet are displayed.

Software Features And Graphics

TAABL is runs on proprietary software. Aesthetically speaking, there is not much this platform has to offer. However, as mentioned earlier, this site is fully detailed that even newbie players will be able to place their bets with ease. It can be seen as a site that give focus more on the game per se.


Just like any other Bitcoin-powered gambling sites, anonymity is a strong feature that TAABL preserves. To get started in TAABL, you don’t need to sign up or create an account. All you need to do is to choose your BitPick.

Withdrawals And Deposit

Since this website allows instant play, there is no need for account deposits as well as withdrawals. Placing your wagers happens when you have already selected your BitPick since each BitPick has their unique BTC addresses. On the other hand, once a draw has already picked a winner, TAABL will automatically send the prize to that player’s BTC address with the deduction of the house fee.


For more questions, concerns, and suggestions, you can reach TAABL’s customer support via email. It would be better to see other ways players can contact the management, though.

Contact Details

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Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • Simple Bitcoin lottery game
  • Instant play
  • Fast payouts
  • Accepts altcoins


  • Website can still be improved
  • No other games available
  • Needs more support options
  • No bonuses available

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