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BitcoinGG: 500 Reviews & Pro-Player Services

BitcoinGG: 500 Reviews & Pro-Player Services

Chris in Announcements published on 16, September 2016

Bitcoin Gambling Guide has come a long way, and I can’t be any more proud with the amount of value we’ve given to the Bitcoin gambling community. We now have 500 reviews and the site is loaded with constantly improving services for the players.

Granted that not all casinos may still be operational now from when BitcoinGG started, having 500 reviews means several things. For one, there has been these many brands already venturing into Bitcoin gambling, and this says a lot about the window of opportunity in this niche market.

Back in 2013, only a handful of casinos built their platform on Bitcoin, and some of them still operate until now. They have grown to become the leading Bitcoin gambling sites today, and we at BitcoinGG have witnessed the changes, the challenges, and the achievements they experienced to get to where they are now.

BitcoinGG 500 Reviews

Second is the clear trend of seeing more brands riding on the Bitcoin wave. Although not all of them have completely jumped ship to Bitcoin, their inclusion of the cryptocurrency payments already shows that they see the potential for it. It’s Bitcoin’s capability to create a more dynamic, accessible, and player-friendly space for online bettors that encourage more operators to test the waters.

Of course, with the range of Bitcoin gambling reviews we have live online—this includes Bitcoin slot reviews—I can’t stress the BitcoinGG team’s dedication to make the site more informative, updated, and useful to all levels of betting skills, whether the players use real money or Bitcoin.

Beyond the 500 reviews

But it isn’t just the reviews that keep BitcoinGG relevant to today’s iGaming community.

I also personally want to focus on the services we developed to make everyone’s Bitcoin gambling experience more convenient and hassle-free. When we upgraded the site last year, I envisioned it to be the platform that will cater to both the players and the operators. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but we’ve managed to push through and we’ll push further.

For everyone looking to play Bitcoin games, we’ve taken the initiative to present all the brands arranged based on our ranking scheme. We even feature the top 10 brands that possess the features and qualities worthy to be one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites.

BitcoinGG File-a-Complaint System

But this isn’t just from our perspective, because everyone on BitcoinGG has their say on all the gambling sites reviewed on the site. Players can lend their voices and help the community determine which of the hundreds of sites provide excellent gaming services for Bitcoin players.

We’ve even taken it further through the complaint system since I believe helping players resolve their concerns would be the most essential act we can provide them with. Our file-a-complaint system gives every Bitcoin player a channel to seek the optimum solution to their concerns.

With the clear mission, we’re not slowing down and BitcoinGG is just getting started to bring the game and services to the next level.