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    Bitcoin Gambling Guide is the leading online portal offering the latest Bitcoin news and trends as well as the fundamental ideas in the Bitcoin gambling industry. We provide spot-on reviews of Bitcoin gambling sites and currently have more than 300 brand reviews archived on our site.

    We believe in integrity, and we are dedicated in creating a harmonious environment for the Bitcoin gamblers, website operators, and entrepreneurs.

    With our mission, it is important to ensure that we are constantly delivering fresh, updated insights and services to the online betting community. Therefore, as we aim to deliver better services, we see it fit to expand and look for talented individuals to join our team.

    We are seeking dynamic and goal-oriented professionals, who enjoy working with other professionals in a fast-paced environment. The following roles await qualified applicants:


    We are the leading online resource for Bitcoin gambling; thus, prime importance of content is essential. You are the engine of this website, and your goal is to relay valuable information in the most effective manner imaginable. The majority of your task will revolve around providing articles to supply the demand for high-quality content focused on the Bitcoin gambling industry. Be it for Bitcoin news, interviews, reviews, tips, or any other informative pieces necessary for the benefit of our customers, you must be prepared to write flawlessly, efficiently, and professionally.


    Perfection is the key to success. Our main goal is to deliver useful content for all parties involved in Bitcoin gambling, and this can only be done through strategic actions. You complete the pillars of this company. Your keen eye for details, fresh ideas, and expertise in the field is necessary to keep our website filled with new content and ahead of everyone else in the market.

    Graphic Designers

    It is all about the visuals, most of the time. You are oozing with creative juices. After all, you are responsible for creating out-of-the-box graphics that complement the content and the webpages. Colors, designs, and typography should be your best friends, not forgetting the various image editing programs and tools for both PC and Mac.

    Web developers

    You are the skeleton of our website, so experience in programming is vital. Confidence in handling projects of different magnitudes is a must, along with the dedication in maintaining a competitive and innovative website.

    If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please contact us.