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Check Out 4 Chinese-Themed Slots from Habanero

Check Out 4 Chinese-Themed Slots from Habanero

Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 28, January 2017

Habanero will ring in the Chinese New Year with its latest Fire Rooster slot and other Chinese-themed slots. Habanero’s Chinese slots include Fenghuang, 12 Zodiacs, Fa Cai Shen and more.

Players can give these Bitcoin slots a spin at a number of Bitcoin casinos to celebrate Chinese New Year. These casinos include Playamo Casino and BetChan Casino.

Fire Rooster slot

The Fire Rooster slot is homage to a Chinese folklore, The Rooster’s Lament. The Rooster’s Lament is a tale about how the rooster loses his crown because of the centipede. The slot symbols and artwork are references to the folklore.

Fire Rooster Slot

The bonus feature of the Fire Rooster slot is its ‘Random Wilds’. When the player triggers the free spin mode of the game, the Rooster or wild symbol will change. During the free spin mode, the Rooster symbol can turn a random number of symbols on any reels into a Rooster symbol.

Fenghuang slot

Fenghuang is the mythological creature that is lord of all bird creatures. In Today’s Chinese culture, the use of Fenghuang and dragon is a representation of a husband and his wife. Habanero’s Fenghuang slot uses the two mythical creatures as the key figures of the slot game.

Fenghuang slot’s bonus feature is its two wild symbols, which are the Fenghuang and the dragon. When a number of them appear on the reels, they trigger the bonus feature. The wild symbols will move across the reels and expand where the symbol takes up the entire reel during the bonus feature.

12 Zodiacs slot

The 12 Zodiacs slot is a game about the Chinese zodiacs. The Chinese zodiac animals are representations of the Chinese calendar that have a 12-year cycle. The 12 Zodiac reference the animals by using them as the slot’s symbols.

Fenghuang Slot

The bonus feature happens when a player makes three or more red lanterns appear on the reels. Any symbols a player match in the bonus mode turns into a red lantern. By turning random matching symbols into one symbol, players have a good chance of matching five lantern symbols that give a big payout.

Fa Cai Shen slot

Fa Cai Shen is a slot about the god of wealth, Caishen. The slot’s name also makes use of the Mandarin Chinese New Year greeting, Gong Xi Fa Cai. ‘Gong Xi’ means wishing someone happiness and ‘Fa Cai’ is to be wealthy.

Caishen is the main focus of Fai Cai Shen’s bonus feature. The god of wealth is the wild symbol of the game where he acts as a substitute for other symbols. During the bonus feature, Caishen’s symbol expands to fill out the whole reel where he lands on. A player can get a large payout if he can get three Caishen symbols to appear.

Playing these Chinese-themed slots from Habanero guarantees fun and prizes for this year’s Chinese New Year celebration. Moreover, the availability of such Bitcoin slots—and the debut of Habanero’s Fire Rooster slot—show the demand in the Asian gambling market.

Online gambling in Asia continues to rise and for developers like Habanero to have a gaming suite with online slots for the Asian market is already an advantage. Although China places stricter rules against iGaming, the region continues to be an ideal place for Bitcoin. The list of available Bitcoin exchanges in China already helps players get started in playing with bitcoins.