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4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino owes me 6.775 Bitcoin
Value : 6.775 BTC
Complaint Status : Resolved
Posted on 2, November 2016
by magnetic1

====================Denied Winnings from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino=====================

NOTE: I have done my best to Remove my name/email addresses and other personal informationI along with the names of the individuals involved that operate 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino for everyones protection. I verified who I am and everything with ”The Cubits Team’ and I never hide who I am from any Bitcoin Casino including 4GrinZ. I am more than willing to verify who I am with The Staff here at ‘The Bitcoin Gambling Guide’ along with other personal data so that I can be fully Vetted for identification purposes. I have 6 years Crypto Experience. I am willing to submit my Mobile IOS Device hosting the ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ used in the transactions that were in question plus every other deposit made at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino over the last year in order to be forensically analyzed if it or anything else I can do to prove that these unsubstantiated accusations are untrue in order to receive my well deserved winnings.. $4400 USD is far to large of an amount to walk away from based on the arbitrary opinion of a few that acted hastily in their decision to seize my winnings, close my account and make inappropriate and false accusations, especially with the support from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino’s Bitcoin Payment Processor Cubits.

Below is the response from the person I know at mBitCasino when she tried to assist me a few days back in retrieving my winnings by talking to 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino and informing them of the fact that I have been in good standing at mBitCasino for well over a year maybe more with no success in getting them to look into this again.

[10/29/16, 4:33:56 PM] mBit Casino:” Hi ____. I have nudged 4grinz about this and they were fairly thorough on the situation. Apparently your deposits hadn’t confirmed for days, and losing deposits – even now – fail to be confirmed. Maybe you can help me understand that also.

In summary, your transactions appear to either not confirm or confirm so late that it can not be used as funds on the casino balance. I am unable to do anything about it, my apologies.”

Anyway, this has been a horrible experience involving a massive amount of money seized from me and I am not never going to give up. My apologies for the massive length of this thread along with any unnecessary redundancy as I am still extremely upset over this.

On 10/11/2016 I played at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino. I won 8.4 Bitcoin and was not paid in full. I was falsely accused of double spending and was refunded 1.625 BTC and was banned and locked out of my casino account. Cubits their Bitcoin Payment Provider believes that my transactions were good and that I was not acting in bad faith and that I should be paid the full amount of my Bitcoin winnings which is approximately 6.775 BTC. I feel like I have been wronged.

4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino made their determination quickly and hastily in my opinion without a full review. They cited the Terms of The Casino which self decrees them the right to do what they did when double spending is suspected. I believe this to be entering into a very slippery slope and we are talking about a lot of money here. I believe that their improper rush to judgement was unfair and underserving. When I play at online Bitcoin Casinos I always communicate with Live Chat and never hide who I am to any casino staff wherever I play.


On 10/11/2016 I received $1338 USD (2 BTC Approximately) as part of my end of a project. I went to 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino. I made a $308 (0.468 BTC) deposit at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino, played and lost. My next deposit at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino was for $513 USD (0.78 BTC) I played and lost it also. My final deposit at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino was for $514 USD (0.78 BTC) and this time I hit a few big jackpots and had 7.75 BTC. I wanted to cash out but first I thought it best that I check in with the casino Staff at Live Chat in order to let the Casino Owner know I had some good wins and that I wanted to make sure they had enough Bitcoin to pay me out this time because on a prior occasion I had some difficulty and a slight delay obtaining my winnings.

I was told that they would have no problem cashing me out as soon as my transaction confirmed. I immediately checked my Mobile Bitcoin Wallet that I always send from and noticed that none of the three deposits that I had made that day to 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino had confirmed yet. The wallet I always use is the ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ in the IOS App Store which uses for their API. I had seen delayed confirmations before on a few occasions prior to these transactions regardless of the fact that I always set the miners fees to the maximum amount. Still they always have eventually confirmed before, and the‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ Staff had always helpful on those occasions prior. So I thought nothing of it and played some more and ran my winnings up to approximately 8.4 Bitcoin.

I was immediately locked out of my account at 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino. First thing I thought was that I had been hacked. I contacted on Skype one of the Staff Members from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino that I had for nearly a year as a personal Skype and LinkedIn Contact and informed her of the situation. I was told I am suspected of double spending and my account has been closed due to the excessive amount of time taken for my 3 deposits to confirm.

I was showed a link to a video that discussed double spending and how Bitcoin Casinos were being hit by Double Spends which demonstrated how they actually do it. The Video made little sense to me because 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino had known me for nearly a year already and I had spent a lot of Bitcoins there and always said hello to them in Live Chat. Never before had there been any issues regarding my deposits not confirming even when they were slow prior to this incident and I would loose, and I always used the same Mobile IOS App Store’Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ whenever I would make deposits. While discussing this situation on Skype with the 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino Staff Member the first deposit confirmed within a half hour and the other 2 eventually followed suite and confirmed.

I then went over to 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino and used the Live Chat and requested my winnings payout relieved that the transactions were confirmed and expected this to be over. The 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino Owner showed me a section in the Casino Terms that said they don’t have to pay me. I was once again accused of Double Spending relative to the 3 transactions that had all confirmed by this time, and was told that the 8.4 Bitcoins I had won was no longer in my account and was not allowed to play there ever again. The Owner said that my 3 deposits would be refunded to me and that was all. Soon after I received $1070 USD (1.625 BTC) and was told the remaining $266 (0.4) of the approximately 2 Bitcoin that I had deposited in those 3 deposits that day which had confirmed was the cost of the fees for the refund. I believe that I am rightly owed the full 8.4 Bitcoins I won minus the 1.625 Bitcoin that 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino refunded to me which would make the total owed to me still 6.775 Bitcoin.

The Cubits Team believes the transactions were good and that I acted in good faith. The records are on the Blockchain and available for review. The ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ provider stated that their Fees API was down which could of been one of causes for the delayed confirmations. Below are the links to Explorer containing the 3 transactions in question and the transaction that was sent back to me as a refund from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino, some screen shots identifying my IOS Mobile App ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’, plus a portion of the Skype conversation with the 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino Staff Member, along with the responses from the ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ provider, the Cubits Team and4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino.


RE: Below are all Relative transactions involving my IOS Mobile App ‘Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’ and 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino on 10/11/2016 / 10/12/2016


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RE: Screen Shots from my IOS Mobile App ”Yallet Bitcoin Wallet’








RE:Below is the Skype Chat conversation with the 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino Staff Member during the incident on 10/11/2016

10/11/16, 6:56:20 PM] Me: _____, this is _____. I just got locked out of my account on grinz
[10/11/16, 6:56:41 PM] 4GrinZ Staff: What?
[10/11/16, 6:56:47 PM] 4GrinZ Staff: Hey. How are you?
[10/11/16, 6:56:54 PM] Me: I won 8.5 BTC
[10/11/16, 6:56:58 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Nice1
[10/11/16, 6:57:07 PM] Me: But just got locked out
[10/11/16, 6:57:08 PM] 4GrinZStaff: What were you playing.
[10/11/16, 6:57:15 PM] 4GrinZStaff: locked out.
[10/11/16, 6:57:18 PM] 4GrinZStaff: okay
[10/11/16, 6:57:20 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Let me check.
[10/11/16, 6:57:27 PM] Me: If its a hacker they can’t get it because the deposit has not cleared
[10/11/16, 6:57:36 PM] 4GrinZStaff: All we have is our clerks, and they don’t disable accounts.
[10/11/16, 6:57:50 PM] Me: I was playing the Susie like usuall
[10/11/16, 6:58:06 PM] Me: But hit 5 BTC on the Sloto something new Betsoft
[10/11/16, 6:58:22 PM] Me: Then of the Cowboy one I hit 3 more
[10/11/16, 6:59:01 PM] Me: It says my account is disabled
[10/11/16, 6:59:23 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Okay. Give me a minute.
[10/11/16, 6:59:37 PM] Me: _____ told me I had to wit till the deposit cleared
[10/11/16, 6:59:44 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Let me check with our clerks. I’m at home.
[10/11/16, 6:59:52 PM] Me: I am looking at the transaction it has not cleared still
[10/11/16, 6:59:57 PM] Me: Thank god
[10/11/16, 7:00:00 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Oh. I was just writing to ____.
[10/11/16, 7:00:13 PM] 4GrinZStaff: How many confirmations?
[10/11/16, 7:00:48 PM] Me: I checked in with him because I did not want to cause issues like that time when you did the 5 BTC payout and I was freaking out
[10/11/16, 7:01:04 PM] Me: He said it would work once it cleared
[10/11/16, 7:01:24 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I can’t see, I’m not in admin. How many confirmations on your deposit.
[10/11/16, 7:01:25 PM] Me:
[10/11/16, 7:01:25 PM] 4GrinZStaff: ?
[10/11/16, 7:01:35 PM] Me: Thats the transaction deposit
[10/11/16, 7:01:48 PM] Me: Its sent from my usual address
[10/11/16, 7:03:00 PM] Me: I sent it from my Yallet Wallet I have it set on max TX fee but it said it did not send any fees
[10/11/16, 7:03:05 PM] 4GrinZStaff: There are no confirmations?
[10/11/16, 7:03:10 PM] Me: Not yet
[10/11/16, 7:03:16 PM] Me: On any of them
[10/11/16, 7:03:17 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Ugh. I can’t get to admin from here.
[10/11/16, 7:03:25 PM] Me: I dumped 2 BTC total
[10/11/16, 7:03:41 PM] Me: But I hav 8.4 BTC won
[10/11/16, 7:04:01 PM] Me: How do we do this
[10/11/16, 7:04:03 PM] Me: ?
[10/11/16, 7:04:12 PM] Me: I might be hacked
[10/11/16, 7:04:23 PM] Me: I don’t want the hacker to get it
[10/11/16, 7:04:41 PM] Me: I can turn on my video and show you my ID that its me
[10/11/16, 7:04:50 PM] Me: But I think you know its me
[10/11/16, 7:05:09 PM] Me: Remember we both knew Bryan Micon from Seaes with Clubs
[10/11/16, 7:05:18 PM] Me: seales 😉
[10/11/16, 7:05:23 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Well first, relax, but it looks like our automated system marked you as fraud because a deposit from four hours ago did not receive one confirmation. If that’s the case, it’s void.
[10/11/16, 7:05:47 PM] 4GrinZStaff: You have three that are more than an hour.
[10/11/16, 7:06:00 PM] 4GrinZStaff: If it’s more than three hours, Cubits rejects it.
[10/11/16, 7:06:08 PM] 4GrinZStaff: And then the platform resets.
[10/11/16, 7:06:09 PM] Me: I have had that happen with this wallet before
[10/11/16, 7:06:15 PM] Me: It eventually clears
[10/11/16, 7:06:16 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Oh stop.
[10/11/16, 7:06:23 PM] Me: I can contact yallet
[10/11/16, 7:06:31 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I’ve never seen this before.
[10/11/16, 7:06:39 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I’m baffled.
[10/11/16, 7:06:44 PM] Me: I have
[10/11/16, 7:06:54 PM] 4GrinZStaff: But all of our transactions seem to be clearing from other players just fine.
[10/11/16, 7:07:08 PM] Me: I have seen malleability issues with Bitcoin tke 2 days to confirm a TX
[10/11/16, 7:07:49 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Well, our admin is CET, so if it doesn’t clear, it just resets.
[10/11/16, 7:07:54 PM] Me: You can see that it was sent from the same address I have been sending from always since the beginning
[10/11/16, 7:08:39 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Yes. A lot of casinos have been getting abused by that video that came out on how to double spend.
[10/11/16, 7:08:47 PM] 4GrinZStaff: So, we all have safety measures in place.
[10/11/16, 7:09:02 PM] Me: I just took a screenshot in my wallet
[10/11/16, 7:09:36 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Players delay a deposit, and then play. If they lose, they double spend. If they win, they wait for the deposit to clear.
[10/11/16, 7:09:56 PM] Me: Not me
[10/11/16, 7:10:06 PM] Me I really never heard of that.
[10/11/16, 7:10:14 PM] Me: It would be discussed
[10/11/16, 7:10:19 PM] Me: I am a developer
[10/11/16, 7:11:15 PM] Me: Image
[10/11/16, 7:12:16 PM] Me: Let me work on contacting Yallet the wallet provider and put them in contact with you
[10/11/16, 7:12:30 PM] Me: can I get your email address?
[10/11/16, 7:13:13 PM] 4GrinZStaff:
[10/11/16, 7:13:30 PM] 4GrinZStaff: just have them send it to
[10/11/16, 7:23:30 PM] Me: _______ I can see the very first deposit is almost going to confirm
[10/11/16, 7:23:45 PM] Me:
[10/11/16, 7:24:22 PM] Me: The second deposit is still at medium priority
[10/11/16, 7:24:24 PM] 4GrinZStaff Did you change the priority?
[10/11/16, 7:24:24 PM] Me:
[10/11/16, 7:25:14 PM] Me: Same with this-
[10/11/16, 7:25:28 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Did you change the priority?
[10/11/16, 7:25:57 PM] Me: I have it on high TX fee when I send them
[10/11/16, 7:26:08 PM] Me: You can’t change priority once sent
[10/11/16, 7:26:19 PM] Me: Its just eventually confirming
[10/11/16, 7:26:21 PM] 4GrinZStaff: The last one you sent didn’t have a priority.
[10/11/16, 7:26:31 PM] Me: Here is the deposit I won on
[10/11/16, 7:26:33 PM] Me:
[10/11/16, 7:26:51 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I don’t know what you mean.
[10/11/16, 7:26:57 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Slow down.
[10/11/16, 7:26:58 PM] Me: They all said medium 6 blocks
[10/11/16, 7:27:31 PM] Me: You guys are going to be receiving your money from the first deposit soon
[10/11/16, 7:27:55 PM] Me: then I am sure the rest will follow suit fast
[10/11/16, 7:27:58 PM] Me: I hope
[10/11/16, 7:28:08 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I’m so confused.
[10/11/16, 7:28:14 PM] Me: But they all at one time said Medium Priority
[10/11/16, 7:28:21 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I’m just getting into look at the admin.
[10/11/16, 7:28:22 PM] Me: I never send on Medium
[10/11/16, 7:28:27 PM] Me: I send on high
[10/11/16, 7:28:42 PM] 4GrinZStaff: I had to get to my laptop.
[10/11/16, 7:28:48 PM] Me: But this wallet made by Yallet has done that before
[10/11/16, 7:28:59 PM] 4GrinZStaff: This had better be good. I was at dinner.
[10/11/16, 7:29:10 PM] Me: Come on
[10/11/16, 7:29:20 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Nice win, BTW.
[10/11/16, 7:29:45 PM] Me: I will send you and your husband to dinner once this clears
[10/11/16, 7:29:53 PM] 4GrinZStaff: But, yes. You’re locked out for fraud. You were flagged.
[10/11/16, 7:29:56 PM] Me: Give me your BTC address here
[10/11/16, 7:30:03 PM] Me: Keep it between us
[10/11/16, 7:30:16 PM] Me: Well
[10/11/16, 7:30:20 PM] 4GrinZStaff: Not unusual. Our system does that when a deposit hasn’t cleared in more than three hours. I can see all of them still pending.
[10/11/16, 7:30:33 PM] Me: Thats not going to be the case once it clears
[10/11/16, 7:30:41 PM] Me: What do we do?
[10/11/16, 7:31:26 PM] Me: I am still trying to send Yallet the message to contact you
[10/11/16, 7:31:33 PM] Me: I have the record
[10/11/16, 7:31:38 PM] Me: All the TXs
[10/11/16, 7:32:01 PM] Me: Plus months of records of me sending from the same wallet address
[10/11/16, 7:32:10 PM] 4GrinZStaff: LOL. Why do you want my wallet? Are you taking me to dinner?[10/11/16, 7:32:17 PM] Me: If it worked before it will work again

RE: Yallet Bitcoin Wallet Provider

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: You’ve been contacted by Me Local Time: October 15, 2016 9:51 AM UTC Time: October 15, 2016 4:51 PM
To: Me

Hi _____,

Sorry for that. The fee part of the API was down. It should now work as expected but you should always check if fees are OK for you use-case.


The Yallet team

RE: The Cubits Team

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Me ($4400 USD in Bitcoin)!!!!!!!!!!!
URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino !!!!!!!!!!!!
Local Time: October 17, 2016 2:04 AM UTC Time: October 17, 2016 9:04 AM
To: Me

Dear _____,

We are on your case.

We are trying to check and clarify the issue with 4grinz. Will keep you updated.

Kind regards,

Your Cubits Team

RE: The Cubits Team

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Me ($4400 USD in Bitcoin)!!!!!!!!!!!
URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino !!!!!!!!!!!! Local Time: October 17, 2016 9:04 AM UTC Time: October 17, 2016 4:04 PM
To: Me,

Thank you for Kind words.
We have informed 4Grinz management that we think your transactions are okay.
We are waiting for their reply.

Kind regards,

Your Cubits Team


RE: Final Response from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino

———- Forwarded message —————
From: 4GrinZ <>
Date: Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 8:01 PM Subject: 4Grinz Complaint Response
To: Me


It’s me ______. As the 4Grinz PR and Marketing Director, I realize this issue should be resolved through 4Grinz or ____, but based on our long chats over Skype, I volunteered to respond to your complaint and will begin by addressing two notable comments made by you today. “ was being hit with a DDOS during that time some transactions were delayed up to a couple days.” We went back to double-check. There were no DDOS attacks that day, nor during the time we waited for you deposits to clear.

It was business as usual. I was also processing purchase orders without incident. Yours were the only three transactions, of hundreds sent and received that evening, that did not receive a single confirmation. When I asked you to provide me with a response from your wallet or Cubits confirming a DDOS attack, you sent me a response from Cubits to you stating,

“Thank you for your kinds words.

We have informed 4Grinz management that we think your transactions are okay. We are waiting for their reply. Kind regards,
Your Cubits Team.”

While I admit it’s a response, “we think your transactions are okay” doesn’t give us much to work with. When you reached out to me on Skype that evening and suggested that 4Grinz wasn’t releasing your winnings, I rushed to my office. There they were, three transactions on the dashboard of the admin area, one flagged, one marked “double- spend” and the other “fraud.” All three were in your name and delayed several hours. I suggested you contact ____.

4Grinz’ has rules that protect them from double-spends because it’s currently prevalent among online bitcoin casinos. With safeguards in place, double spends are easy to identify. Players using public and free software to delay deposits always win, because if they lose, the deposits never clear. You and ____ discussed these capabilities and their benefits during previous conversations.

4Grinz flags a transaction with zero confirmations after one hour. Had there been several deposit delays by other players, they would have been listed with yours in the Admin area. We’ve experienced attacks on the blockchain before, and understand transactions can be delayed from time to time. In those cases, we suspend the rules and lift flags to accommodate our players. When the system flags only one player transaction and sends it pending on the dashboard for five hours, it’s a concern. 4Grinz has a duty to protect the casino and its players.

At the one-hour mark, you had zero confirmations on your first deposit and it was flagged. You had already gambled the funds, so ____ waited, hoping for them to clear. You made a second deposit, but lost that as well, and after an hour with no confirmations, it too was flagged. ___ had made a note and gave the crew a heads-up. It was then you made a third deposit, played for more than an hour with zero confirmations, when your account was deactivated. All three of your deposits were still pending with zero confirmations. Of the three, one was flagged, one marked as a double-spend, and the other as fraud. Fraud attempts automatically deactivate your account. Your statement,

“That was not cool on his [___] end and I am going to read over the rules because if others transactions are only now confirming that could of been a loss for players getting their winning seized due to a Network DNS Attack,”

suggests there may have been more delayed deposits or that 4Grinz had unfairly seized player funds. Rest assured, only your deposits were delayed that day. Payments by 4Grinz to other players cleared immediately. It was business as usual. There was also no evidence of a DDoS attack, as dozens of 4Grinz player deposits received at least one confirmation within seconds. I believe that if even one deposit had been delayed that night, and another player’s name was nestled next to yours on the list of delayed transactions in the admin, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Double-spends are fraud. They only clear when the player wins, and we have never experienced a double-spend clearing when a player loses. Hence, the rules put in place by 4Grinz are reasonable, as they cannot sustain themselves with double-spends against a modest 1-2% house edge. When playing with unconfirmed bitcoin deposits, the casino (in this case 4Grinz) essentially “fronts” you the funds to gamble. This is called a marker and It pays your bets and fees until your bitcoin finallyclears. If a marker continues to accrue jackpot contributions, fees to providers, and platform fees, all from a modest pool of commissions, the marker is pulled. In this case, you had three unpaid markers while racking up 20% fees against your winnings. The claim that merchants are not injured by double- spends is untrue. And, if that’s your mentality, then it’s probably best that 4Grinz has such rules in place. Also, the rules aren’t there because of you. They’ve been there for quite some time. I feel that 4Grinz was gracious in your case because of the protections in place, and the house simply took the marker back. Your bets were reversed and play was null and void – just like it is states in the Terms and Conditions. No one was injured, and any other casino suspecting fraud would have seized your deposits. So would a brick-and-mortar, except that you’d be escorted out the door, possibly in handcuffs. The decision made by 4Grinz was fair and not unusual. After realizing that your account had been deactivated, you visited the chat, spoke with ____, and he informed you of the situation. I’m assuming that’s when you contacted me through Skype. You must admit, with all other transactions processing as usual through the Blockchain, no DDS attacks, and only your transactions pending for five hours, your activity was reasonably regarded as suspicious. You continued to reveal to me your deep knowledge and understanding of core crypto tech and development capabilities. You sent me images of your complex office server and computer equipment, and even offered me private “tip” if 4Grinz paid you your winnings so long as I agreed to, “keep this all to yourself.”

An hour passed in the chat when you instructed me to click on blockchain transaction URL. Since I was not able to access any of your transaction URLs because they had not confirmed through Cubits, I was curious. You said, “watch this.” So, I called Lee to my office and together we clicked the URL. I said I was ready, and within moments we both witnessed the priority on the blockchain change from blank to “high priority.” This remarkable and instantaneous change, admittedly made by you, proved that something remarkable had just occurred. You boasted about. This act alone solidified _____ decision to deactivate your account and notify 4Grinz management.

Even though it was quite late, 4Grinz was nice enough to review the case immediately. Their determination was a clear case of fraud in the form of three double-spends. The decision was to seize your funds – at least until further investigation the next morning. Lee requested a refund on your deposits if and when they cleared, based on 4Grinz terms. They agreed to the terms so long as all deposits cleared. Once the deposits cleared Cubits, you were informed of the decision, agreed to the terms and were instructed to confirm a web wallet address. Once confirmed, ___ forwarded the information to 4Grinz and they refunded your initial deposits minus the 20% to cover pending fees. It was then that you returned to the chat, expressed relief that 4Grinz had not seized your entire balance, and thanked Lee for “at least returning the deposits.” You even said, “that was cool of you,” essentially putting the matter to rest.

“ was being hit with a DDOS during that time some transactions were delayed up to a couple days. My wallet provider Yallet uses the API.”

Except, here’s the catch; the same wallet you claimed was being attacked, worked perfectly when 4Grinz returned the deposits, and the first of six confirmations was completed in seconds.

“I just was brought onto the core team at ______ 2 days ago as I am running all my crypto developments through there now. They are the most prominent PR/Marketing and Development firm in the world. This backs my credibility further.”

Congratulations on the position, but this and previous claims of being an experienced crypto developer raise more suspicion, not less.

My loyalty to 4Grinz, ____, and it’s staff is unwavering. While I respect players and enjoy interacting with them, I won’t be influenced or bribed. Nor will I keep secrets or try to persuade 4Grinz staff when the evidence is clear and the decision fair. ____ did what was best for you and the casino. 4Grinz management came to the chat in the middle of the night to review your case, by your request, after your account had already been suspended. That says a lot about their integrity and dedication. No one was injured and, certainly no one gained. I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable outcome. Regardless of whether it was a manual attempt by you or a delay by your own web wallet, it was not caused by the Blockchain, a DDS attack, 4Grinz, or Cubits. So, the onerous is on your wallet or you – for delaying the confirmations through what appears to be third-party software.

4Grinz is for entertainment purposes only. It’s not a financial institution. It’s a business that works hard to ensure fair play, offers extremely generous returns, and is there 24/7 to answer any inquiries. That’s where I come in, but I can assure you, we don’t often address player concerns, because there aren’t many.

4Grinz is a crack team of casino managers and agents with decades of experience. ____ is our bitcoin guru with a vast support system. The Softswiss platform is incredibly comprehensive, reliable, and their team of managers and developers are committed to ensuring the highest standards. We couldn’t ask for better personal service. Cubits is the safest and most efficient payment processor we have the pleasure of using, and our many game hosts are second to none. We feel fortunate to be surrounded by such competence, high-quality products, services, and professionalism.

I invite you to share this correspondence with Cubits and your web wallet, as the decision made by 4Grinz is final. This is not open to appeal. Your account has been suspended. I wish you all the best in your new position at _____ and future endeavors, and am certain you and all parties now involved will understand our position.



Wisewalrus PR 4Grinz Bitcoin Casino

cc. A copy of this correspondence will be sent to the recipient,

Softswiss, Cubits, any known participating party, and 4Grinz management and staff.

RE: 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino Response Continued

———- Forwarded message —————
From: 4GrinZStaff <>
Date: Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 8:37 PM Subject:
Re: 4Grinz Complaint Response
To: Me

To all cc’d on this “Response to Complaint” letter regarding user ____, customer ____.
Player submitted a link to a Blockchain announcement posted on


We are aware of the Blockchain issue and 4Grinz Bitcoin Casino did experience nearly a dozen delays on Wednesday, 12 October. Some transactions pending several hours. All player flags noted in our admin on that day were lifted and cash out requests processed once deposits cleared through Cubits. No player accounts were noted as fraud and all winnings were paid.

However, the incident magnetic1 claims affected his transactions did not occur on 12 October, and the Blockchain issue lasted only a few hours, so the link and Blockchain are neither related to his issue nor relevant.

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RE: The Cubits Team

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Subject: Re: Me($4400 USD in Bitcoin)!!!!!!!!!!!
URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino !!!!!!!!!!!!
Local Time: October 19, 2016 2:13 AM UTC Time: October 19, 2016 9:13 AM
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Dear ____,

We think that is not your fault that Blockchain wallet has downtimes and put the lowest fee on the market which makes transactions to travel in mem-pool for hours/days. As we said we claim that your transactions are clean. There are few parties in between 4Grinz and Cubits, we are discussing your case.

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Your Cubits Team

RE: The Cubits Team

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Subject: Re: Me($4400 USD in Bitcoin)!!!!!!!!!!!
URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino !!!!!!!!!!!! Local Time: October 21, 2016 10:56 AM
UTC Time: October 21, 2016 5:56 PM From:
To: Me


I’m collecting all updates regarding your case. I hope everything will be great.
Lets see what next week will bring us. Have a great weekend.

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Final Thoughts 11/1/2016

I am loosing any hope. It has been nearly 3 weeks now without being paid the remaining 6.775 Bitcoin that I believe is still owed to me. I am uncomfortable with the accusations. However I am grateful that the Cubits Team took the time to look into this situation and that their responses were supportive and that they did not believe that I was acting in bad faith. The Blockchain clearly shows that all transactions were cleared when they refunded me 80% of the total Bitcoin from the 3 deposits that I had made that day, instead of just paying out my winnings. I believe that the final response[s] from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino were unfair, inaccurate, out of context and inappropriate. I have never been treated this way by any Bitcoin Casino prior to this and pray nobody ever has to experience what I have been through here.

  1. Previously, I posted a final comment and announced that the case was closed by 4Grinz. Based on the evidence provided by both parties, it’s up to BticoinGG and its readers to make a final determination.

    In regards to the above comment from one of our team members;

    “Dear Magnetic1 I want to be very clear no other company has a say on how we handle our customers, not cubits, not blockchain , no wallet no banking service has ANY authority as to how we enforce our internal policies

    #1 None of them witnessed you trying to bribe Sandy if she was to process that cashout,
    #2 You tried to split the winning with me too if i processed it…

    This is has been deemed a clear case of double spend/ fraud. And that is pretty much all the evidence we need, consider the matter terminated right here, there will be no more discussion with you or anyone about this topic. We will not be replying to this thread anymore.”

    I found the above response harsh and inappropriate. This matter is not personal, it’s professional, and posts from Team 4Grinz should reflect a unified professionalism. I apologize for the inappropriate tone.



  2. Dear Magnetic1 I want to be very clear no other company has a say on how we handle our customers, not cubits, not blockchain , no wallet no banking service has ANY authority as to how we enforce our internal policies

    #1 None of them witnessed you trying to bribe Sandy if she was to process that cashout,
    #2 You tried to split the winning with me too if i processed it…

    This is has been deemed a clear case of double spend/ fraud.

    And that is pretty much all the evidence we need, consider the matter terminated right here, there will be no more discussion with you or anyone about this topic.

    We will not be replying to this thread anymore.

    Thank you

  3. “When you gamble with real funds, you win real funds. When you gamble with a casino marker, it’s required that the funds clear before any winnings are paid.”

    333 between first deposit made and lat deposit to clear 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino had 3 confirmed transactions. Instead of paying the Jackpot you chose to refund 80% of the 3 real Bitcoin deposits made.

    “Once a marker is pulled, in this case three, the play is null and void.”

    Everyone has experienced long delays at one tie or another sometimes last for days due to malleability issues while others at the same time have no issues. This means that if your deposit is not cleared in 3 hours 4GrinZ pulls your marker and waits for deposit to clear then instead of paying out the winnings they get 80% of their deposit back and called a bunch of names that are not true and their tyrannical decision is final even though its not their fault. This is good to know now.

    “Terms and Conditions”= your way and the decision is final.

    “A player cannot insist on cashing out winnings before a deposit has cleared.”

    You must be referring to someone else you did this too also. This player never once hit the withdrawal button.

    Your own payment provider Cubits recommended that you pay out the winnings. They said the Transactions were good 3 times over a weeks investigation.

    Your not going to pay. But its no secret now that you make the rules and attack players that spend Bitcoin there when it suits you. No Casino pays out a withdrawal until the transaction clears. Long time players don’t pull back deposits when they loose otherwise they would not be long time players.

    Just address the Cubits recommendation and why you went against them also. Their responses are above but strongly you don’t address that major issue.


    by: magnetic1

  4. This thread speaks for itself. Long story short; the player made an unconfirmed deposit and 4Grinz applied a marker to the player’s account so that the player’s ability to gamble with real bitcoin would not be delayed. The player lost the funds and made another unconfirmed deposit. 4Grinz applied a second marker to the player’s account and the player gambled the funds away. The player made a third unconfirmed deposit, 4Grinz applied a third marker and five hours passed without a single confirmation on any of the three deposits. According to 4Grinz Terms and Conditions, the markers on unconfirmed deposits were collected and all play was null and void. When you gamble with real funds, you win real funds. When you gamble with a casino marker, it’s required that the funds clear before any winnings are paid. When all three deposits sit pending for more than six hours, 4Grinz has every right to pull the markers and suspend play. Once a marker is pulled, in this case three, the play is null and void. A player cannot insist on cashing out winnings before a deposit has cleared. In this case, the casino was on the hook for several thousand dollars. 4Grinz paid all fees and commissions that accumulated during play.
    If this seems unreasonable, then I suggest this player discuss rules involving markers with any other casino.


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