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Account hacked
Value : 3 BTC
Complaint Status : Unresolved due to brand representative inactivity
Posted on 15, September 2016
by ppxdonjuan

I was in the middle of a session of blackjack when suddenly I get kicked off/booted off the site. I try re-logging several times with no luck. I proceed to start a chat session with a customer service rep. She asked me what my username for the account and I give it to her, she replies with telling me that their system does not recognize it. I then proceed to give her my email address, wallet info and previous transaction I had made. They responded with saying that they have no record of my username, email address or transaction I ever made.
I end up giving them detail wallet info and blockchain info. They come back and tell me that my account was hacked, that my username and password were changed and my full balance had been withdrawn. They tell me that my account will be restored but they will be unable to restore my full balance.

I have attached a screen shot of my wallet transaction and a screen shot of the fortuneJack transactions info

Can you please help me?!?


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