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The casino doesn’t pay
Value : 3 BTC
Complaint Status : Unresolved due to brand representative inactivity
Posted on 12, November 2015
by smario

Withdrawal requested 3 weeks ago, counting from today. Contacted the other party several times, but no solution was provided. They are not paying,

  1. It is taking almost two months for you to verify my account. Do you even know which account are we talking about ? How much time do you still need, on top of this two month pending withdrawal, to release it and send my money back ?


    by: smario

  2. Hello.
    It takes some time to verify your account so we can be sure that no fraud activity had taken place.

    Best Regards
    BTC Casino


    by: BtcCasino

  3. So, 8 hours left to resolve, what’s next ? says “they always pay their players” but here almost two months passed since withdrawal request.


    by: smario

  4. Hello,

    on 2015.10.18 3,178 BTC were requested for withdrawal, so since 6 weeks.
    You have two open tickets in your ticketing system, myself reporting and claiming the withdrawal:
    ticket 484 from 2015.11.26
    ticket 480 from 2015.11.25

    Would you provide an email address, I will send you all details, screenshots, and my email address and username. Sorry but I can not post my email address here, due to anti-spam policy. Anyway, has my email address, the one and same utilized to regester on bitcoingg as well as on your site

    Thank You,


    by: smario

  5. Hello, there must be some kind of mistake. We always pay to our players. It would help a lot if you could provide your email so we can double check.
    Thank you
    Best Regards


    by: BtcCasino

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