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Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 4, November 2016 recently celebrated its second anniversary. The site has grown a lot since it first opened its doors and it has evolved into a decent online gambling site. Starting with only a single slot game and a focus on a few games for selected cryptocurrencies, has branched out into becoming a place that offers players to play in over eight different cryptocurrencies and in five different games. Visitors can even play for free to try the games out.

It is the dedication of the team behind that recently earned them the nod of Bitcoin Gambling Guide. has been awarded the BitcoinGG Certificate of Trust, and this reflects the site’s features and services satisfying the standards set by BitcoinGG.

With this status upgrade, BitcoinGG invites players to share their valuable insights and experiences with and be instrumental in further creating a dynamic Bitcoin gambling community, with Crypto-Games as one of its pillars.

Great software experience

There are several key features that make such an excellent site to play. First, when players come to the site, there is no need to trouble with signing up for an account. When they decide to play, all they need to do is just choose to start playing. The site automatically assigns visitors a unique URL that they can use to access their account. This unique URL should last for 14 days and gives people an idea of whether they would like to keep playing at the site. If they do, they can modify their accounts to become permanent ones or they can just save the personalized URL.

Besides the easy jump into gaming, this Bitcoin casino offers a great set of games. Though it started off with only a slot game, it soon added a dice game. This was followed by blackjack and lottery games in 2015 and was quickly joined by a roulette game the following year.

All these games offer low house edges, giving each player a decent chance of winning. They also operate quickly and smoothly, giving players a great play experience. In addition, the dice game has its API publicly available, which allows for players to create their own betting bots. has its own auto-betting feature, but others may want to put their own tweaks.

The software for the site allows for everything to operate smoothly. Developed by the site’s owners, it allows for visitors to quickly access parts of the site. It also has features like global chat and provable fairness, both of which should please many players. It even has an exchange to allow for trading in the eight cryptocoins used by the site. This makes it easy to convert from one to the other.

Generous to players                                                             

Besides being full of features, is also generous to players. Players can access a faucet on site that gives out every coin on board. The amount released by the faucet depends upon a player’s level. This increases when placing a bet, investing, referring friends, chatting, and how long they have played. Higher levels give players a larger faucet amount. Investing is also another way to gain money on the site. Players can invest in the house bankroll and share 80 percent of the house’s profits.

Besides these ways of gaining coins, also offers a couple of promos. For example, on the first day of every month, it starts a wagering contest that ends on the last day of the month. The player who has wagered the most for the month gets 0.35 BTC as a reward, while the second and third placers also get prizes. There are also promotions released on, where users can claim 0.00005 BTC every day and receive free lottery ticket once per week.

These are the features and qualities that make an excellent gaming site prepared to please any potential Bitcoin gambler looking for quality gambling entertainment.