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Deuces Wild

Chris in published on 16, August 2013

Video Poker is undeniably popular in the cyber world due to the convenience together with the winnings it brings. More than that, it has been improved as this innovation of Bitcoin poker game can now be played with bitcoins. Aside from the benefits one can get from it because of bitcoin wonders, Bitcoin video poker is also captivating and addicting as it has tons of spectrum for you to choose from, one of the most thrilling and good fortune bringer is Deuces Wild.

In Deuces Wild, the lucky number is 2 as the Deuces are cards with the face value of two. So why is it considered a lucky digit or a wild card you must aim for? It is because it can stand for cards of any denomination; hence, it will certainly aid you to complete a winning hand as well as give you the chance of getting the highest payout. Amazing, isn’t it?

The card ranks in Deuces Wild is a bit different from that of the typical Poker game and Jacks or Better. Hence, take a good look to have a better grasp of it which you can use for playing this game sooner.

  1. The lowest hand in this game is ‘Three of a Kind’ which actually pertains to hand with three cards of the same value.
  2. Next is ‘Straight’ which follows any five consecutive cards.
  3. It is followed by ‘Flush’ which depicts any five cards of the same suit in no particular order.
  4. ‘Full House’ is next on the rank with three cards of the same value and two cards of another value.
  5. Fifth is the ‘Four of a Kind’ which is four card of the same value.
  6. Sixth is the ‘Straight Flush’ which follows five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  7. Seventh is ‘Five of a Kind’. It consists of any five cards with similar value can include Deuces.
  8. Eighth is Wild Royal Flush. It is a Deuces Wild hand that is the same for Royal Flush but is composed of one or more Deuces.
  9. Next is the Four Deuces which is a Deuces Wild hand that has four Deuces or wild cards.
  10. And lastly is Royal Flush without any Deuce. It is composed of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of similar suit.

Now that you know the Deuces Wild card ranks together with its differences from that of Jacks and Better, the next important thing for you to know is how to play this Video Poker variant with Bitcoins. Since it utilizes bitcoins, your full anonymity is guaranteed. How? Most of Bitcoin casinos only require username, password, and email address for you to get started. There are even some that offers ‘no account required’ feature.

To make a deposit or to place a bet, there are two ways for you to choose from, either scan the QR code given or send the amount directly to the wallet address given. If the confirmation is received, you are more than ready to get fierce and lucky with Deuces Wild with bitcoins.

There are several brands that offer this game of good quality. Hence, you will expect nothing from this sites a great and wild experience in playing this Video Poker game. The most popular bitcoin casino offering this game is Bitcoingamer.

Deuces Wild will definitely add fun-filled twists in playing Video Poker with Bitcoins. This game will surely spin your gaming world around as it will give you wild experience with the finest odds of great winnings.