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What is a Complaint?

A Complaint is the report created and submitted by any player registered with a BitcoinGG account. It details the problem, issue, or concern regarding a brand listed on the website. It can be about the account, bonuses, games, support, or general.

Why should I submit a Complaint?

Players are encouraged to report any issue they encounter that hinders their gambling experience. Other than the need for their concern to be attended to and provided with necessary solutions, this will also help the brands improve their services. In the long run, brands that have taken the essential steps to listen to their customers and to act promptly will create a harmonious relationship with the community of Bitcoin players that is vital to the industry’s and the brands’ success.

What happens when I file a Complaint?

All submitted complaints are reviewed by the BitcoinGG admin, and this process may take 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of the report. Once they have been approved, the report will then be officially filed and posted on the website, complete with the details and the brand in question. You will be notified by email once the complaint has been approved.

The brand will have 72 hours to respond to the complaint, in which failure to do so will result in the complaint being closed and marked Unresolved. If the brand responds, a communication between the two parties may ensue. If the players do not reply to the previous message provided by the brand within one week, BitcoinGG will view it as the concern has been resolved. This marks the complaint Resolved.

In the event the complaint has been marked as such but the player forwarded another complaint, the admin reserves the right to Open the complaint again and request for the brand’s prompt solution.

What are the Complaint statuses (Open, Resolved, Unresolved)?

There are three complaint statuses: Open, Resolved, Unresolved.

Open – a complaint is considered open until the 72-hour period for the brand to respond expires. A Resolved complaint may earn the Open status again should the admin find it necessary to require other solutions from the brand.

Resolved – a complaint is resolved once the complainant stops communicating with the brand one week after the brand’s last message.

Unresolved – a complaint is unresolved when the brand fails to provide a response to the report within the first 72 hours after the complaint was officially posted online.