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File a Complaint

To foster a dynamic Bitcoin gambling environment, we encourage players to file a complaint and undergo a professional process monitored by BitcoinGG. Read the procedure and guidelines below then choose the type of complaint you wish to file from the tabs.

No matter how exciting the games can be and how attractive the bonuses are, expect a few hiccups here and there. Minor and major problems in Bitcoin gambling are inevitable just like the case elsewhere, but we are here to make your online gambling experience less of a hassle. Below are five categories you can file a complaint on for any brand. We have narrowed down the areas to address the issues efficiently. However, before choosing the one that is most related to your concern, please read our procedure and guidelines on filing a complaint.

Procedure for submitting a complaint

  1. You can submit a complaint once you are logged in to your account. If you have not registered yet, create an account now.
  2. All submitted complaints are subject for moderation and approval by the BitcoinGG admin. We will notify you once the complaint has been filed, but be advised that the evaluation process may take 24 to 48 hours after the complaint has been submitted.
  3. The reported brand will have 72 hours to respond and address the concerns upon the official filing of the complaint. In the event no solution or response was provided within that period, the complaint will be closed and marked Unresolved.
  4. The brand and the player will be able to communicate with each other through the filed complaint. Both parties will be notified by email whenever either of them replies to the previous message.
  5. The complaint will be marked Resolved if the player does not respond to the brand’s latest message in one (1) week. Failure to reply through the complaint means both parties have arrived at a favorable solution for the raised complaint.


Guidelines on filing a complaint


While it is easy to say that a brand is a ‘scam’, ‘fraud’, and ‘thief’ among other loosely used words, we discourage players from making such accusations in their submitted reports. Instead, we strongly recommend sticking to the facts and state if the brand failed to pay the necessary amounts on time or whatever the concern is. This covers the need to provide the correct username, email address, and reported brand, together with useful evidences like screen shots and emails.

Providing factual evidences and maintaining a professional and healthy communication will be helpful in resolving the issue with the best solution.


Both the player and the brand are expected to give accurate information and not mislead the other in the course of resolving the reported issue. Any party caught intentionally providing false details will receive necessary sanctions that may result in account suspension among others.


We encourage players to be as concise as possible when creating reports and to avoid divulging information unnecessary and of no use to the resolution of the issue. Everyone is advised to refrain from sharing personal details like the current financial status and other private information that may put the player in an unfavorable situation. BitcoinGG cannot be held accountable for the publication of such information specified in our guidelines.