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Registering for an account in Bitcoin gambling is an easy process, but experiencing problems along the way should not be discredited. Often times, the primary concept Bitcoin players should keep in mind is that not all Bitcoin gambling sites require their bettors to sign up. Nevertheless, providing certain details to create an account is still the usual scene in order to enjoy the various online gambling services designed for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency betting.

Overview: Anonymity is one of Bitcoin gambling’s distinct features. Players from across the globe can wager on different games without providing their full name, address, and even financial details. This, however, is often met with questions as to how anonymous Bitcoin gambling’s player anonymity really is since email addresses of players are needed upon registration. Bettors are always reminded that giving a working email address will not hamper their privacy, and it will only be used for password recovery and promotional updates. At times of uncertainty, contacting the support always helps, and this can be done through live chat and email.

Before submitting the complaint: It is essential to check if the requested email address will be used for the purposes stated above. Be advised that once the password is lost, there is no other way to recover it if the account is not registered with an email. Also, some casinos provide players with the option to either play online using the cookies or password-protect their account to avoid unauthorized access to their funds.

Other issues and solutions related to your concern

  • Some Bitcoin gambling sites require email verification. Therefore, make sure that the email address you provide is valid and accessible since it is a must to confirm the link in order to complete the account registration process.
  • Specially created, unique URLs are sometimes assigned to players to access the account. These URLs must be bookmarked or saved because there will be no other way to regain access should the URL be lost or forgotten. Also, it pays to protect it with a password—a process that demands an email address.

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