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When it comes to banking, expect a few troubles along the way. It also does not help that players tend to be extra conscious of their balances, which causes them to act rather irrationally. This, however, should not be the case since a thorough and calm communication between the customer support and the players is needed in order for these seemingly banking issues to be resolved.

Overview: Deposits and withdrawals are synonymous to complaints. It is a usual scenario even for real-money online players to complain about the delayed payments, slow transactions, and even unsettled payouts to most extent. These cases also transpire in Bitcoin gambling, but these issues should rather be treated more calmly and in an organized manner. After all, Bitcoin transactions are processed almost instantly. This feature is what causes many to file reports against the brands, though, citing slow payments and fund processes.

Before submitting the complaint: Instant or quick deposits and withdrawals are the common features boasted by the casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and other Bitcoin gambling sites. What players need to understand, however, is that each transaction may be subject to a number of network confirmations. For instance, a Bitcoin deposit may be instantly processed, rendering the player to bet on games right away. But this will force all deposits to have undergone a number of confirmations for the withdrawal request to push through.

Other issues and solutions related to your concern

  • Large withdrawals normally take longer to be processed. Depending on the brand, it may take 24 hours at most while some will need two days. The important point is to know the withdrawal amount that will likely take more than a day to be transferred from the casino’s wallets to yours.
  • Deposits come with fees, but they are infinitesimally small that they are usually disregarded.
  • Knowing the number of network confirmations and the usual time a payment is completed helps in understanding the rate at which the withdrawal is made.

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