Where To Play Bitcoin Roulette

The iconic roulette table is such a common trope in movies, television, and literature that most people are familiar with it. Most, however, have never actually played the game. Let alone played Roulette with bitcoin.

The game itself is simple to play. The croupier calls for bets, spins the wheel and lets a ball roll around a grooved track that runs around the wheel’s perimeter. As the wheel slows down and the croupier ends the betting. The ball settles into one of the slots ranging from “0” to “36” with alternating colors of red and black. Bitcoin roulette is the same; only players participate and gamble with cryptocurrency instead of real chips.

Betters place their chips on corresponding squares on the table. The house determines the odds of each bet, depending on how likely it is that someone will win.

While roulette players have developed strategic plans for beating “the wheel.” The house maintains a few percentage points of advantage during the game. Many people play for the sheer enjoyment and by spreading out their bets. Gamblers can continue playing the game for little money by winning a few spins now and then.

Some betters have hit huge payouts on roulette, but most experts usually attribute these to sheer luck. Although, some people swear by systems. Fate does determine the winners and losers in roulette, but understanding how to work with the odds helps the savvy gambler stay in the game.

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Types of Roulette Betting

Playing roulette games is all about placing bets on the number and color the ball lands when the wheel stops. The odds that individual bets pay depend on how likely it is for the ball to end up there. Gamblers seem to love the thrill of trying new ways of spreading out bets in new and creative ways to increase their chances of winning.

roulette wheel and table

For beginners, an excellent place to start might be a “straight” bet. A straight is a bet laid on any certain number. If that happens to land, the gambler collects 35:1 odds. That high payout is because hitting a straight bet is an improbable occurrence. So, to increase the chance of winning, the house makes a plethora of different chances available.

Gamers have assigned colorful names to different bets available on the roulette table. Placing a “split,” a “street” or “corner” bet refers to wagers that the ball will land on a number from various combinations and geometric patterns on the table. A different wager pays more or less return depending on the statistical likelihood of one of the numbers winning.

In the end, pure luck determines where the ball will land. By playing the odds and spreading out bets, roulette players can increase their edge. Most gamblers play and end up breaking even most of the time. Occasionally, someone will hit a big win and the excitement will cause a flurry of activity to occur. Conversely, a significant loss can sometimes have a chilling effect on the room.

bitcoin roulette on a mobile device

Why Play Roulette with Bitcoin?

Many casino gamblers may wonder why anyone would want to play bitcoin roulette. The answer is it can be as exciting to play roulette online as in person. Some say it is more enjoyable because of the convenience of being able to play the game from your mobile device.

Today’s computer graphics keep online casino games lively. A new trend born from recent bandwidth increases is live dealer online casino games. Playing live dealer bitcoin roulette games is the closest a player can get to entering a casino, but without having ever to leave the house.

Additionally, playing bitcoin roulette means payouts occur almost instantly, which helps keep playing fun. Another benefit of the lower overhead of bitcoin roulette sites is that they typically feature higher payouts.

bitcoin roulette on a smartphone

Where to Play Roulette with Bitcoin

The popularity of using bitcoin, the ubiquity and speed of the internet and the fun derived from online casino games have combined to create a proliferation of bitcoin roulette online. Here are a few of the top ones.

Signing up with one or more bitcoin online casino sites is easy and safe. As long as users stick with legitimate companies such as the ones listed above. The first step is to visit each website and read all the information available. Determine that a specific site is a good fit and visit the signup page.

Fill out the signup form and provide the required information. Connecting a bitcoin wallet is usually a simple matter of pasting a code into the desired bitcoin wallet. This procedure allows bitcoins to transfer back and forth from the site to the user’s account.

Once the user signs up and connects a digital wallet, he or she can find the desired bitcoin roulette game and start playing. It is a good idea to start slowly and gain understanding and skill in the game before placing any large bets. But, whatever the playing style, the point of playing is to have fun and win a little money.

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