Introduction to Betting on NHL Games with Bitcoin

Betting on National Hockey League (NHL) games is a great way to make things more interesting, and it can potentially make you a lot of money. In order to place bets, you first need to make an online account on one of the various sportsbook websites. From here, you can choose your games, players and odds. NHL bitcoin betting is a great option for gamblers looking to place bets using cryptocurrency on their favourite hockey teams. Continue reading our guide to find the best sports betting sites accepting bitcoin and offering odds of NHL games.

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Options for NHL Bitcoin Betting

There are several different styles of betting, each of which has different odds and payouts. Many bettors pick one style or a few styles that suit them best, so they can get better at their specialty.

  • Grand Salami: The grand salami bet is unique to NHL betting. The oddsmakers will generate a number that represents the total predicted number of goals of all games played in a given day. You pick whether you think the amount of goals will be above (over) or below (under) this number.
  • Totals: Totals is the same thing as betting over/under in NCAAF. You focus on a specific game and bet based on whether you think the total number of goals scored in that game will be above or below the number predicted by the oddsmakers.
  • Money Line: Money line is the simplest kind of bet you can make. When betting on a given game, you simply bet on which team is going to win. It is good idea to consider the odds rather than just betting on your favorite team.
  • Puck Line: Another type of betting unique to the NHL, puck line is like a combination of money line and totals. You are betting that your chosen team will win by two or more goals, win with less than that number of goals, or lose. Since this depends on more factors than money line, the payouts tend to be higher.

Betting on Hockey with Bitcoin

Betting with Bitcoin is a common way for people to bet on NHL games nowadays. If you have a Bitcoin wallet set up with some Bitcoin in it already, then it does not take much more to get into Bitcoin betting. If you are not sure how Bitcoin works and do not have a wallet set up, we recommend you view some introductory guides to Bitcoin and get yourself set up before you make an account on a Bitcoin betting website.

Once you have your Bitcoin wallet and have purchased some Bitcoin, you will first need to fund your betting site account. After you have your account set up, you can fund it by simply initiating a transfer to it from your Bitcoin wallet. Once your account is funded, betting on a game is as simple as it is with regular currency. Just follow the instructions on your chosen sportsbook and you can utilize your Bitcoin funds from your account to place bets. Withdrawing in Bitcoin really just means transferring your winnings back into your Bitcoin wallet, which is straightforward as long as you have your wallet’s address.

Many people choose Bitcoin betting because it is faster than betting with regular currency. It also gives an added layer of protection due to the anonymity inherent in using Bitcoin. Many sportsbooks will also give you bonuses for betting with Bitcoin. Lastly, a lot of sportsbooks allow higher betting limits for bettors using Bitcoin.

Where to Bet on the NHL with Bitcoin

There are a lot of sites to choose from if you want to get into NHL Bitcoin betting. If you are only looking for the best odds, we suggest you give Bitcoin Rush a try. gives you a 100 percent bonus up to $500, which means that up to $500 can be added on to your winnings. Nitrogen Sports offers the best anonymity, and it provides some good odds as well.


Is it legal to bet with Bitcoin?

Currently there is no law in the US that makes it illegal to place bets of any kind with Bitcoin. Unless the law changes sometime very soon, you are safe.

How does first period betting work?

First period betting is very similar to moneyline, but it just focuses on the first period of the game. You just choose which team you think will win the first period of the game.

What are prop bets?

Prop bets are focused on specific players rather than on the game itself. If you have favorite players or know the players on a team very well, prop betting can be a lot of fun. You might bet on how many blocks a goalie will make or how many goals a player will make.

How are NHL odds determined?

Bookmakers evaluate a lot of factors when setting odds, such as the performance of players, the performance of teams and how they have fared in past seasons, as well as the current lineups.These add up to form a team’s “power rating.” If players have been injured on a team, that can affect the team’s odds significantly.

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