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Gaming in Holland Highlights Industry Challenges

Gaming in Holland Highlights Industry Challenges

Chris in Events published on 2, June 2016

One of the key tenets of being a businessman is to know more about their target market. For online gaming operators who want to enter the Dutch market or are maintaining a presence there, they will want to be up-to-date about the trends and regulations on the local scene. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the information, though. Fortunately, the Gaming in Holland conference can lead them to the essentials.

For five years now, Gaming in Holland has been delivering the latest information about the Dutch gaming market to potential entrants into the market and those who currently have market presence. An integral part of the European gaming scene, operating in Holland can help many companies wanting a foothold in the European market. During the two-day conference, interested parties can learn more about what they will have to deal with when they start operations in Holland.

Sharing industry knowledge

There are several aspects of the Dutch market that would be useful to know. For instance, one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by any gambling operator are the legal regulations. This is especially so when it comes to Holland. The country is well-known for its open acceptance of drugs and prostitution, but it seems that this open-arms approach ends when gambling is concerned. A lot of the gambling market was under the monopoly of Holland Casino and it has remained static until recently.

Gaming in Holland

It all changed in 2015, when the first stirrings of the Remote Gaming Bill started. Nowadays, the Dutch market is seeing growth even with legislation still not finalized and people will want to get a piece of the action. It is essential for those gaming companies wanting to operate in Holland to know more about the market and familiarize themselves with the big players and what to expect from their potential customers.

The agenda for this year

Included in this year’s iGaming Super Show and scheduled for June 7 and 8, Gaming in Holland will discuss some of the upcoming trends that can affect any entrance into the market. First, there is the upcoming privatization of Holland Casino. The state-controlled casino has held a monopoly over the local gambling market and its breakup can result in a boom as it creates a vacuum for potential competitors.

Second, one of the factors that have held back online gambling in Holland is the fear of addiction. This is why responsible gambling is of great interest to those who are drafting the upcoming national gambling laws. Being able to meet these requirements can go a long way to smoothing the path for potential entrants into the market.

Gaming in Holland

Finally, several discussions will center on the state of the various gambling subcultures and how to integrate them. For example, sports betting is big in Holland, especially with its football fever. Other concerns include lotteries and online security.

Overall, the Gaming in Holland conference will provide attendees with all that they need if they plan to enter the Dutch market, as what they have done in the previous Gaming in Holland conferences.