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Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts should never have to worry about running out of funds to wager. They can simply head over to a Bitcoin exchange online like Bitfinex to purchase the needed amount. Likewise, they can trade their bitcoins for real-money currencies.

Although still in beta testing phase, this trading platform, which is owned and operated by iFinex Inc. (Bvii) and will soon acquire a license, is already equipped with features designed to offer convenience and security to all Bitcoin users, including bettors, across the world.

Unlike some of the Bitcoin exchanges in the market, however, Bitfinex is not only a platform for buying and selling bitcoins. It also serves as a venue for making investments.

This brand works with three main functions: for Bitcoin purchase and sale, for margin trading, and for providing liquidity. Therefore, not only can you place buy and ask orders for the digital currency, but you can also indulge in margin trading, which is also being offered by other online exchanges for Bitcoin.

With such extra features, this trading platform proves to be beneficial even for the average Bitcoin casino players. Therefore, if you are so eager to bet on the exciting Bitcoin casino games hosted on the various Bitcoin gambling sites, you had better ensure that you have filled up your Bitcoin wallet before starting a betting session.

You may be wondering, though, just exactly how safe this exchange is. Well, for one, the entire platform is regularly tested by the security company Arcui for any form of intrusion or threat. Moreover, it maintains that all of your bitcoins, as well as those of others, are stored in the secure cold wallet. The network servers are also protected by the latest software. Furthermore, an automatic backup of database is performed once a day, along with the automated duplication of the backup data.

Based on the security measures alone, Bitfinex is committed to ensuring maximum security for all its clients, be they regular traders or investors wishing to profit from the Bitcoin market.

In the event you need to purchase or exchange bitcoins online or in the absence of Bitcoin ATMs, this online trading platform can certainly get the job done. Thus, feel free to trade right away and play Bitcoin dice or join the action in Bitcoin sports betting!