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Free Bitcoins

It is indeed an undeniable fact that bitcoins are the latest fad in the internet; hence, the demand for this virtual currency is fast-rising and so is its price. However, the good thing is there is always the brighter side as it is definitely possible to earn free bitcoins!

The words free Bitcoins itself surely elate and ignite your excitement. And if you are thinking that it all ends there, you are absolutely wrong. Prepare yourself as there is not one or two but numerous ways all for you to have these precious coins for free while you play or jeux Bitcoin!

  • Bitcoin Mining

In Bitcoin Mining, the main goal for you is to verify the transaction of Block Chain. The Block Chain is the publicly shared ledger where every successful transaction of bitcoins is kept. Everyone connected to the Bitcoin Network can definitely access it. After verifying, all you need to do is add the solved data to the Block Chain as “Blocks.”

The process is like solving a puzzle as you will be given some algorithm to solve; however, you have to worry no more as you will not solve this by yourself as Bitcoin network software will do it. All you need to have is provide enough computing skills for this software to work; the stronger your software is the more chances of faster and easier way mining. The well-known mining softwares are GUIMiner, as well as 50Miner. For Linux users, they can use CGMiner and Diablo Miner for OS X users.  Furthermore, every four years the amount of bitcoins you can earn for free is reduced to half. It started at 50 and currently, it is 25 Bitcoins for every block mined. Not bad right?

However, the downside of this process is that it is the one of the hardest ways to earn bitcoins for free because of the competition and the increasing difficulty every time a block is solved. However, there is the good thing is that you can join group mining or pool mining, you can divide the work among a group of miners and if a block is successfully mined; share the bitcoins you have earned.

  • Visit Websites and Get Paid with Bitcoins

In this way to earn free bitcoins, all you need to do is visit webpages. You can earn amounts of bitcoins here by just visiting webpages and remain there for a short period of time, mostly from one up to five minutes. It is a must that you spend the required amounts of time to get paid. All you need to do is give your wallet address and start visiting to earn bitcoins for free. Here are the websites that provide this great service: BitVisitor, Earnfreebitcoins, Bithits, as well as Coinvisitor.

  • Free Bitcoins by Just Watching Videos

Yes, you read it right! You can earn bitcoins for free by just watching videos. This feature is actually new in the market and is easy and fun compared to others. In this process, you can earn up to 20 uBTC per visit. The well-known website that provides this feature is Cointube.

  • Bitcoin Faucet

It is probably the easiest processes on how to earn bitcoins for free. In this process, all you have to do is enter your wallet address, solve the captcha to prove you are human, and as easy as that, you will receive bitcoins. You may continue entering your address every 30 minutes and expect additional earnings. Here are sites that offer this feature TheFreeBitcoins, FreeBitcoins, FreeBTC4all, as well as BTC4you.

Indeed, bitcoins are so precious; however, with these incredible ways it will just be a piece of cake for you to earn free bitcoins. To know more about the legal aspect of using bitcoins, please visit our Bitcoin gambling legal page. Read about Bitcoin online gambling, Bitcoin gambling sites, and betting with Bitcoins here on the Bitcoin Gambling Guide.