How Should Affiliates & Marketers Be Treated?

How Should Affiliates & Marketers Be Treated?

Several factors play significant roles in pushing Bitcoin casino and gambling sites to success. One of these is the contribution from affiliates. Bitcoin casino affiliates can help generate more players to the casino, and the same goes for other betting sites. Affiliates are part of the success too, and this is the reason gambling operators should treat affiliates right.

Over time, Bitcoin Gambling Guide has received comments and information from affiliates and marketers about some of the Bitcoin gambling sites that prove to be impossible to work with. They shared stories and cited instances that reflect the lack of attention given to them, even down to the basic services. There are, after all, other equally important aspects than programs that pay high commissions.

Keep the lines open

Maintaining smooth communication between the affiliates and the managers should be a priority. However, this is not the case for some gambling sites.

Bounced Emails

A Bitcoin sportsbook, for example, appears to have failed to ensure that the affiliate manager email is properly working. Some of the sportsbook’s affiliates contacted the manager through email but were surprised to learn that their email had bounced. Apparently, it was a case of either non-existing affiliate manager email address or a poorly maintained one.

This situation calls for immediate solutions from the operators. They must, in turn, guarantee that the email addresses they provide affiliates with do work. This is the basic step to assure affiliates of constant communication and is a primary way for the brands and operators to show how much they value their affiliates.

Get the greeting lines correct

Affiliates and marketers appreciate receiving special announcements and exclusive offers through email. However, a common mistake with the greeting line continues to be prevalent these days.

Unfortunately, some marketing managers send emails to their affiliates and fail to input the correct names of the affiliates. While this is rather a technical issue on the side of the operators, the lack of drive to ensure that the emails they sent have accurate information and correct coding appears to be irresponsible.

Wrong Greeting Line

For instance, affiliates showed BitcoinGG how a marketing manager of a popular Bitcoin casino would send announcements that have {username} in the greeting line instead of the affiliate’s first name. This may seem to be a minor issue for some, but brands must treat this with importance. Continuous mistakes like this can dissuade the affiliates to be loyal to the program. Worse, this can result in the affiliates completely leaving the program.

Treat affiliates and marketers right

Affiliate managers and operators should always make sure that they offer the best services possible for their affiliates. After all, affiliates do help in promoting the brand in little to huge ways. This is what top Bitcoin casinos like BitStarz should do in regard to its affiliate program. Other than paying out high commissions every month—like what does in its PowerBet affiliate program—operators must take good care of their existing and new affiliates.


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