Antshares Improves Digital & Real-World Assets

Antshares Improves Digital & Real-World Assets

Antshares is the latest to make buzz in the blockchain scene as it continues to gain interest from key industries in the Bitcoin market. A blockchain-based digital assets platform, Antshares will provide a peer-to-peer platform using the distributed ledger technology. This platform will then enable users to tap financial assets on a decentralized network, whether they intend to collaborate, build, or share these assets.

This platform recently launched an ICO, which is scheduled to run from Aug. 8 to Sept. 7. This month-long ICO proves to be a success as it has already generated more than 4,400 BTC during the first two weeks.

Antshares ICO

Antshares establishes solid platform

The main factor that makes Antshares interesting is that it revolutionizes the way people use and create digital assets, as well as converting real-world financial assets to virtual assets. Using the blockchain technology, the Antshares network will serve as a landscape for anyone to use digital assets through the following activities but not limited to: registration, deposit, transfer, and trade.

Through this platform, users can experience the variety of features developed to improve working with digital assets in the network. For example, all the activities performed on the platform will be registered as e-contracts. These e-contracts will be in charge of maintaining a record of all the transactions and rights that are associated with equities, claims, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills, and currencies that qualify as digital assets.

Another feature that this platform brings is security since only the parties involved will have access to the blockchain through digital signatures. This goes hand in hand with improved joint bookkeeping. Unlimited scalability of the network also enables the network to process much more requests in minutes.

Using the dedicated crypto-token called AntCoin

Antshare must not be confused with the platform name Antshares. Antshare, which functions as a digital asset that represents the ownership of the Anshares platform, works alongside AntCoins. The platform will have a fixed number of 100 million Antshares and AntCoins at a maximum. The smallest unit of the asset is 1 Antshare.

Antshares may be used for equity crowdfunding, digital asset exchange, peer-to-peer lending, loyalty programs, and supply-chain financing.

Antshares Rankings

From the current ICO, which taps the services of two cryptocurrency exchanges: HaoBTC and Digital Assets Coalition Asia, 10 percent of Antshares will be allocated to the early supports. Seventeen percent are for the ICO Phase-I participants, while 23 percent are for the ICO Phase-II participants. The remaining Antshares remain in the possession of the Antshares team and are locked for one year after the launch of Antshares Mainnet.

On another hand, 8 AntCoins per block will be generated from Block 0 to Block 2,000,000 during the first year. The following year will see 7 AntCoins per black until Block 4,000,000. The succeeding years will see a reduction of 1 AntCoin annually until the 22nd year, which should register 1 AntCoin per block.

AntShares is one of the many innovations that root from the possibilities provided by the blockchain technology used by cryptocurrencies today.

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