Apple’s Policy Update Clears Its Stance on Bitcoin Apps

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Tech giant Apple has released a policy update that explicitly spells out the potential of Bitcoin transactions to take place within the company’s ecosystem, showing great promises for the flourishing virtual currency industries like online Bitcoin gambling.

The App Store Review Guidelines, with the recent revisions, highlighted Apple’s acceptance of Bitcoin apps to run on its platform so long as they are legal to operate in all of the territories they render services.

“Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions,” stated under Section 11.7 titled ‘Purchasing and Currencies’ of the revised guidelines.

The addition of this policy has a positive effect on Bitcoin gambling, specifically for mobile gaming, because bettors will now be able to access their preferred Bitcoin casinos and betting sites through a simple tap on the respective apps.

Although some speculate that Apple will not readily accept Bitcoin apps that transfer the currency, with the reason that Bitcoin is yet to be recognized as legal by any region, the policy update can still be regarded as a favorable development that greatly benefits Bitcoin betting.

The acceptance of Bitcoin apps in the App Store may result in more Bitcoin casinos releasing their mobile app, which will transform mobile Bitcoin gaming into a more convenient way of enjoying casino games using the virtual currency.

With the new technology of storing bitcoins in mobile wallets and this tech giant’s willingness to change its restrictive attitude against Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the integration of Bitcoin apps into the Apple ecosystem will magnify the possibilities in store for serious Bitcoin gamblers and potential clients.

Clearly, the addition of this policy is regarded as a step forward for Cupertino-based company, especially after the series of unfavorable actions it has taken toward virtual currencies during the past few years.

It can be recalled that Apple removed wallet apps Blockchain and BitPak from the App Store in early 2012, with the Blockchain app reinstated after. However, the company pulled from its store major Bitcoin wallet apps Coinbase and Blockchain late last year, which later resulted in February video campaign that featured Apple devices being publicly destroyed.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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