ASRock Announces Crypto-Specific Graphics Cards

Motherboard manufacturer ASRock has confirmed rumors that would see the firm launching graphics cards specifically aimed at cryptocurrency mining.

The firm unveiled its latest series of graphics cards last week, dubbed the ‘Phantom Gaming Series’, which is based on the RX series from market leaders AMD. According to reports today, a senior company source has confirmed that four of the five cards in the series are specifically aimed at cryptocurrency mining, while the fifth will be a gaming version of the same.

Based on the RX570 series, the crypto-specific cards are the latest attempt from ASRock to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrency mining hardware, following the launch of their first dedicated motherboard for cryptocurrency mining back in 2013.

An essential component of the energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining process, the growing demand for graphics cards has been seen as a major contributor to strong sales amongst manufacturers like ASRock in recent years.

Likewise, market leaders AMD and Nvidia have also enjoyed strong sales performance in recent years, though both firms have been reluctant to credit cryptocurrency mining with more than a small role in their success.

The confirmation of the crypto-specific graphics cards from ASRock follows on from a screenshot from a presentation posted on Twitter last month, which alluded to plans for the launch of these products.

Initially posted by, today’s reports from ASRock America confirm the plans as reality, in a move that will be of interest to both professional and amateur cryptocurrency mining operations.

Covering details of the launch in more depth, PCGamer previously suggested the RX570 series will be powered by AMD’s latest Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, a driver which AMD has recently upgraded to make it more effective in cryptocurrency mining.

The news comes in the same week that mining giant BitMain unveiled their latest ASIC, designed specifically for cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, known as the Antminer E3.

Estimated to be available in July, the product has already sold out in pre order, such is the level of demand from cryptocurrency miners.

It remains to be seen whether the new range from ASRock will prove equally successful, at a time of growing interest in cryptocurrency mining worldwide.



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