How to Avoid Online Gambling Scams in 2015

Avoid Bitcoin Casino Scam

In brick and mortar casinos, gamblers are protected by local gaming regulators who enforce gaming laws and best practices. However, the environment online is a different one.  Here gamblers are always vulnerable to scams occasioned by anonymity, wide reach, and low regulation.

The situation is even more critical where bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the main modes of payment. With these digital currencies once a deposit is done, there is no checkback option.

Nevertheless, online gambling is the most convenient form of gambling, and it continues to grow both in popularity each passing day. Many just love the idea of being able to play roulette or place a sports bets from the comfort of their office, car or home.

In the context of online gambling, there are two major forms of scamming that are likely to take place. One is perpetuated by the gamblers against other gamblers and the casino, while the other is what an online Bitcoin casino can do to gamblers.

Both cases are serious. However, in this article we are limiting ourselves to what you as a gambler can do to protect yourself from online casinos.

Carefully choose the site to gamble on

The first step you should always take is to ensure that you pick a reputable online casino. Of course, there are thousands of gambling sites online. To sieve through them and arrive at one that meets your style is daunting in many ways.

For instance, you have to look at how easy it is to play, available gambling options or even the kind the software used.

But, perhaps the most critical step to take is to secure your money and ensure that you do not fall onto a scamming website. Of course, where money is involved you cannot determine credibility through a casual glance.

An ideal online casino should be registered and licensed within a physical jurisdiction such as Antigua and Barbuda. Despite the fact that all operations happen online, physical registration assures you that you are dealing with people who have nothing to hide.

Do the research and read terms and condition

Find out what others say about a particular online casino. In most cases, the most objective information can only be gotten from reputable third parties. Websites such as Bitcoingg can give you insights on what sites are not potential scams.

It is important to note that an online casino might not have a policy to scam but clients lose their money due to poor management.

Even though written in legal jargon and the most unappealing structure, you should not overlook the terms and conditions. You do not want to lose your money, and then a clause is pointed out to you when you make a claim.

If it is not accessible on the website, request for it. Otherwise, keep off.

When reading this document, your objective should not be to understand every word used. It should rather help you get a general picture on jurisdiction, age requirements, and withdrawal limit as well as other rights and obligations.

Use these tips alongside others and 2015 will be scam free Bitcoin gambling year for you.

Daniel Nyairo

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