Ball2Win CEO Drops News of Major Expansion in December


The competition becomes tougher in the Bitcoin gambling arena as a host of Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin sports betting sites are launched and improved from time to time. While this is absolutely great news for the players, this serves as a clear signal for various gambling sites to step up their game.

Ball2Win, a Bitcoin sportsbook and casino, is one of the brands up for the challenge. Its CEO Tong Ng Tung shared with Bitcoin Gambling Guide the plans rolled out for the online bookie as well as the reasons it stands out from the other platforms.

What features of your Bitcoin sportsbook do you consider the best compared to other websites?

Among most of the bitcoin sites, we offer probably the best odds for sportsbook. What we currently offer is a hybrid system, both real money and BTC. It is not completely anonymous compared to other purely bitcoin site, but we need to be responsible as we are offer gambling service. And this makes us a little bit tough in marketing among BTC community, although we truly offer best odds among all sportsbook.

The best odds are already on the table. What else are you working on to improve Ball2Win?

We are working on expanding every day. We just set up a support team in Europe last month, and we are working with Microgaming and prepare to launch more than 500 casino games, with attractive jackpots and fun games. We expect it can be ready by end of this month.

With the gambling services expected to grow in just a few weeks, how can you ensure security? What would your actions be upon learning of players who cheat?

We are hosted at the place where hosted are more than 1000 casino websites. We believe in track records. The sportsbook and live dealer are safe unless we ourselves make mistakes. We offer a sportsbook and live dealer casino powered by EZUGI, and I don’t think our players are able to cheat for those. If he can, we will consider hiring him. Why not!

Great solution you got there! How about the gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality or regulation? What are your thoughts?

Well, we don’t offer service for anyone under 18 years old, as Ball2Win is licensed. The main problem of cryptocurrency is not the legality, but its general acceptance of human being in this planet. Bitcoin was born before any law any government say “ok”, and still remain alive and expanding among people even if some government said “no.” It doesn’t work like that. If everyone accepts BTC as one of the currencies then it is a currency.

What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a reliable payment method?

Stable price—not necessarily rising high, but enough to cover CPI, and then more merchants will accept it.

Going back to Ball2Win, are US players accepted? Are there VIP promotions and an affiliate program?

For BTC players; they can even from the moon. The VIP program is currently by invitation only. All the bloggers are welcome to join the affiliate program.

Sounds great! Thank you for your time!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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