Bitcoin Gambling Market to Benefit from Advanced BTC Payment Systems

KryptoKit RushWallet

Bitcoin significantly influences the online gambling platforms, and this is evident in the new technologies and features that have been added to their systems. This digital currency, however, never seems to slow down as it triggers various companies—startups even—to introduce innovations that largely improve the overall experience by going back to the core, which is the payment system.

Matching the instant transactions of BTC deposits in Bitcoin sports betting platforms and online casinos, Toronto-based startup KryptoKit launched its new product—an instant, easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet aptly called RushWallet.

Unlike the majority of the wallets available at present, it solely functions in modern web and mobile browsers through the company’s popular Bitcoin browser extension, KryptoKit Extension.

The HTML5 wallet does not function with an email address, password, and username, which are credentials typically involved in desktop and web Bitcoin wallets. Instead, it can be accessed without any problem right in the browser.

Bitcoin enthusiasts opting to use this one-of-a-kind Bitcoin wallet must bookmark the personal wallet URL in order to access their RushWallet, which can be protected by an optional password for added security. Additionally, the secret URL generated by combining the wallet address and the page URL ensures maximum protection.

Moreover, RushWallet does not store the user’s keys and bitcoins nor can it access them. Also, its source code is open to the public for anyone who wishes to verify its system’s security.

While KryptoKit’s RushWallet will make the process of depositing bitcoins to any Bitcoin gambling platform one step faster, a payment solutions provider, meanwhile, may encourage fiat-operated casinos to adopt the digital currency as one of their payment methods in the future.

Global Payments, one of the largest providers of payment solutions for merchants across the globe, has recently partnered with Bitpay, a renowned Bitcoin payment processor, to include the peer-to-peer currency to the suite of products it offers.

Servicing merchants in various industries, Global Payments also caters for the gaming sector, although it mainly focuses on land-based casinos. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Bitcoin to its payment solutions is an advantage since brick-and-mortar casinos can already rely on Global Payments to enable Bitcoin payments once the digital currency receives the green light to be used on the casino gambling floors.

The latest releases and developments in the Bitcoin payment ecosystem, as reflected in RushWallet and Global Payments’ Bitcoin support among others, only magnify the constantly evolving technologies that Bitcoin continues to make possible. Through all these advancements, however, the Bitcoin gambling industry is more than prepared to be lavished with benefits.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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