Bitcoin Lands on Bali Shores, Bitcoin Gambling Next?

Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin enthusiasts from across the globe should ready their travel schedules for a trip to Bali as it quickly transforms to a Bitcoin island.

A much sought-after holiday destination that welcomes about 3 million tourists in a year, the Indonesian island now has the digital currency being accepted in a number of businesses through the initiative of Bitcoin Indonesia, the country’s largest group of Bitcoin enthusiasts, to make the virtual currency the main or preferred mode of payment used in Bali before the year ends.

The latest development in this plan dubbed as the Bitislands project highlights the launch of Bitcoin Tour, a booking agency based on the island. Through its services, travelers can now book for airline, train, and hotel reservations nationwide using Bitcoin or the local currency, where hotel reservations made using Bitcoin are entitled to a discount of up to 75%.

Along with the booking agency are the host of other services that will gladly receive Bitcoin payments from tourists and locals alike. Accessories and apparel stores, as well as educational institutions, are only some of the establishments that have indulged in the newest trend that is Bitcoin.

Travelers staying on the island will also have no problem in accessing the basic amenities since Bitcoin-friendly hotels, restaurants, and other services that include recreational and grocery shops are already available.

Although with such seamless integration of Bitcoin, the project still meets certain challenges that basically revolve around Bitcoin adoption. Nonetheless, the progress of the project spearheaded by Project Director Oscar Darmawan exudes optimism in reaching its goal of boosting tourism in Bali.

With Bali’s slow but sure transformation as a Bitcoin island, the possibilities for more Bitcoin adoption not just in that area, but also in the whole of Indonesia, is endless.

In fact, an online Bitcoin exchange called is now in full operation, enabling local Bitcoin users to conveniently buy and sell Bitcoin using Indonesian rupiah.

However, what would completely seal the deal for travelers—foreign tourists, especially—and even among locals to adopt Bitcoin is perhaps through the integration of Bitcoin gambling. After all, the Indonesian market is a highly attractive niche that is very receptive of the innovations Bitcoin brings unlike in other less Bitcoin-friendly countries, say, Thailand.

The inclusion of Bitcoin gambling, though, remains to be a speculation or a mere possible factor that may help promote the digital currency in the country and boost the rate of adoption in Bali.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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