Bitcoin Live Bets Still Down for Maintenance for over a Week

Bitcoinlivebets Scam

“Short maintenance work. Back in a few hours,” read the announcement upon accessing the domain of Bitcoin Live Bets on July 13.

For an average bettor who recently placed a BTC bet on this sportsbook, returning a few hours later would be the best option. However, more than a week has already passed and the website is still down, with the same short message posted on a blank white screen, leaving numerous bettors agitated, furious, and impatient.

According to reports, Bitcoin-operated sportsbook Bitcoin Live Bets went offline on July 12, and has since then left no indications of returning, leaving the online gambling scene with the bitcoins that are yet to be paid to and withdrawn by its registered bettors.

Distressed players took to their concerns regarding the disappearance of the platform’s operator, as well as their funds, posting in several threads valuable information about this event and encouraging involved bettors to speak up and state how much the Bitcoin sports betting site owes them.

A quick check on the profile of the Bitcoin Live Bets operator on the Bitcoin forum revealed that he last logged in on his Bitcointalk account on July 15, only a few days after the website went down.

Interestingly, a week prior to the supposed shut down of Bitcoin Live Bets, another forum post was made for an auction of its shares, but this time, the Bitcoin gambling platform is selling three of its last 0.5% shares. The bidding started at 1 BTC with a 0.2 BTC per share increment.

The auction of the website’s shares further strengthens the allegation that the operator of Bitcoin Live Bets had everything planned out to steal as many bitcoins as possible from bidders and players.

Nevertheless, some sports bettors that have been ‘victimized’ by the said event are optimistic that this mishap will end up on a positive note, and that the Bitcoin sportsbook in question will manage to return and pay the corresponding balance to the respective players.



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