Bitcoin Takes on Online Gaming Scene with the /r/Bitcoin Sponsorship of Axiom eSports

Axiom eSports /r/ BitcoinStarCraft 2 professional team Axiom eSports has revealed their newest sponsor in the form of /r/Bitcoin, a Reddit sub-community that specializes on information exchange about the digital currency Bitcoin.

/r/Bitcoin, which is not new in investing in StarCraft 2 related ventures, contributed back in 2013 to the StarCraft Bitcoin Challenge that featured a best-of-7 showdown between Acer. Scarlett and Alliance. Naniwa. The event was hosted by Axiom owner John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain for 14 BTC and became that year’s highest viewed online StarCraft 2 event.

“We at the /r/Bitcoin community are excited to be working with TotalBiscuit again,” said Piotr Piasecki, moderator of the subreddit. “The community response during the Bitcoin StarCraft was very positive, so we decided to continue the relationship.”

Piasecki has high hopes for the sponsorship and emphasized for this move to be instrumental in further promoting the use of Bitcoin in the eSports scene.

Meanwhile the owner of Axiom, whose team began wearing the new sponsor on their uniforms in the World Championship Series, expressed his gratitude and excitement to be working again with their latest sponsor, hinting that the success of their previous partnership only signals for more achievements in the future together.

“It makes sense for something as cutting edge as cryptocurrency to be involved with another cutting edge industry like eSports,” said TotalBiscuit, showing support to the promotion of Bitcoin use in the industry.

“An increasing number of sites are starting to accept Bitcoin including StarCraft’s own Teamliquid and /r/Bitcoin is a great place to find guides and information on how to start using cryptocurrency,” he added.

Bitcoin, which is the most popular digital currency in the world, is being accepted by an increasing number of businesses online. It is also used in Bitcoin online gambling as well as Bitcoin binary options trading, and is already making buzz now in the eSports industry.



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