BlackcoinBet Takes World Cup Betting to BlackCoin Gambling


The 2014 FIFA World Cup fever is not only felt in Bitcoin gambling, but it also extends to alternative cryptocurrencies like BlackCoin as a new betting site that was built specifically for the tournament and the currency.

Dedicated for online bettors and diehard fans of the international football tournament, BlackcoinBet takes on a simple betting system that allows its customers from all over the world to enjoy football action and to have several chances of winning Blackcoin, a recently established addition to alternative cryptocurrencies.

Unlike the World Cup promos of some Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks, BlackcoinBet gives bettors the freedom to wager on any of the three options: a home country win, an away country win, or a draw. Betting on one of the choices involves sending blackcoins to the corresponding addresses for each.

BlackcoinBet does not offer fixed-odds betting, though, as the projected return on investment (ROI) and odds vary depending on the bets entered by online players.

According to the rules provided by the gambling site, the bets placed on the losing team or draw are placed in a prize pot, where 5% of it will be allotted for the development and server costs of BlackcoinBet.

The remaining amount in the pot, on the other hand, is distributed to all players who have placed their bets on the winning team or draw, depending on the wager. A larger bet, therefore, yields a bigger payout.

In order for the bets to be counted, however, all bets must be placed before the match begins, after which all winnings are sent to the respective addresses of the fortunate bettors.

During the opening match between Brazil and Croatia, a total bet amount of 6,369.38 BC were placed on Brazil, resulting in a projected ROI of 125.12% while 710 BC and 973.9241 BC, each with a projected ROI of 1082.55% and 125.12, were wagered on Croatia and the draw, respectively.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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